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Egypt Last Updated: February 2011 Background Egypt is a significant oil producer and a rapidly growing natural gas producer. The Suez Canal and Sumed Pipeline are strategic routes for Persian Gulf oil shipments, making Egypt an important transit corridor for world energy markets.


High on the sands of the Sahara Desert stand the pyramids of Egypt, a visual reminder of a superior civilization that thrived along the Nile River beginning over 7000 years ago.


M iddle E ast N orth A frica B usiness I nformation C enter DOCUMENTATION FOR CUSTOMS REQUIREMENTS - EGYPT CUSTOMS REQUIREMENTS - IMPORT/EXPORT DOCUMENTATION NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT When commercial invoices and/or certificates of origin are presented to the Consular Section at the Embassy ...


Voluntary - Public Date: 7/15/2009 GAIN Report Number: EG9012 Egypt Post: Cairo Biotechnology Report Categories: Biotechnology Approved By: Peter Kurz Prepared By: Salah Mansour Report Highlights: Although Egypt has planted GM corn and cotton in several regions throughout the country to conduct ...

UN - Egypt Map

Political map showing the country's districts, cities and towns, rivers, lakes, roads, railroads and airports. From the United Nations Cartographic Section.

Egypt: Background and U.S. Relations

Order Code RL33003 Egypt: Background and U.S. Relations Updated March 29, 2007 Jeremy M. Sharp Middle East Policy Analyst Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division

Retail Foods

THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Required Report - public distribution Date: GAIN Report Number: Egypt Retail Foods Retail Food Sector Approved By: Jonathan Gressel Prepared By ...

GAIN Report

Required Report - public distribution Date: 7/19/2005 GAIN Report Number: EG5013 EG5013 Egypt Biotechnology Annual Agricultural Biotechnology Report 2005 Approved by: Fred Giles U.S. Embassy Prepared by: Salah Mansour Report Highlights: Egypt is a leading country in the Middle East/North Africa ...

Egypt: Engineering an Empire

discussion questions *What*role*do*you*think*the*Nile*River*played*in* Egypt's*prosperity? *Do*you*think*ancient*Egypt*could* have *become*a*majestic*civilization*without*the*Nile?* *What*were*some*of*the*ways*Egyptians*harnessed* the *power*of*the*Nile?


Egypt: READING AND TRAVEL GUIDE For other suggestions or for hard-to-find books, please visit , , or Eyewitness Guide Egypt • Eyewitness Guides GUIDEBOOK • 2005 • PAPER • 352 PAGES • BEST SELLER A visually rich guide to the history ...

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