The Earthworm

Name Class Date INVESTIGATION The Earthworm 31-2 Introduction The earthworm isasegmentedworm. It exhibits more complex struc-turesthananyof the more primitive animals that you have studied thus far.

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life underground Like for. Earthworm Behavior. Behavior involves response to changes in environment. In this investigation, you will judge the ability of the earthworm to respond to certain external changes.

Earthworms: Stimulus and Response

Each group should have a pan or tray, and an earthworm. Instructstudentsto be gentle with the earthworms. After all, scientistsdo notharm organismsunder ordinarycircumstances. 3.

ELSEVIER Ecological Engineering 4 (1995) 1-9 ECOLOGICAL

ELSEVIER Ecological Engineering 4 (1995) 1-9 ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING An earthworm cultivation and soil inoculation technique for land restoration Kevin R. Butt *, James Frederickson, Richard M. Morris


The Ancient Greeks considered the earthworm to have an important role in improving the quality of the soil. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.) ...


June 20, 2011 25 5. To the sides/under the digestive tract are the paired nephridia ( nephr = kidney), which may be too small to see well with the unaided eye.

Segmented Worms - The Earthworm

1 Segmented Worms - The Earthworm Among the most familiar invertebrate animals are the earthworms , members of the phylum Annelida . The word Annelida means, "Ringed" and refers to a series of rings or segments that make up the bodies of the members of this phylum.

Anatomy of the Earthworm

Name. Date. 52 Anatomy of the Earthworm BACKGROUND The earthworm is the best-known member of the phylum Annelida, the segmented worms. Annelids are bilaterally symmetrical, and their bodies are divided into segments both exter-nallyand internally.


Additionally, the earthworm activity helps make nutrients available to plants while moderating the soil pH. Activities that impact earthworm behavior include disrupting the soil ...

Raising Earthworms Successfully

EARTHWORM PESTS..... 23 Mites ..... 23 White or Brown Mites ...

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