Topical Fire Research Series Vol. 7, Issue 1: Clothes Dryer ...

T opical F ire r esearch s eries Volume 7, Issue 1 / January 2007 continued on next page Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings Findings: Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually.


Steinemann et al. manuscript

Chemical Emissions from Residential Dryer Vents During Use of Fragranced Laundry Products Steinemann et al. manuscript


Advancements in Dryers

changing the shaking Dryer Drive Unit Special points of interest: •Save money with a smaller dryer •Reduce wear with a compact design •Reduce gas consump


Electric Dryer Installation Instructions

1 . W10443041A W10443042A-SP . Table of Contents . DRYER SAFETY ..... 2 INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS ..... 3


Changing a Dryer Cord

homedepot.com Project Guide | 1 Changing a Dryer Cord If you install a new dryer in an older home, or an old dryer in a newer home, you may find that the cord on your dryer does not fit the outlet on the wall.


Harvest Saver Tray Dryer

Harvest Saver Tray Dryer The Harvest Saver is an ideal machine for taking that first step into commercial dehydration. The Harvest Saver is a compact dryer, and one of our most popular.


Properly Using The Linteater Rotary Dryer Cleaning Kit

1 - Self-feeding 4" Auger Brush makes multiple turns in your vent. Operator's Manual Thank you for purchasing the Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System. Please follow the important safeguards and operating instructions included within this manual to enjoy the convenience and durability of our ...


Hand Dryers and Hygiene

Xldryer\export\misc\dryers and hygiene.doc • • • • • Hand Dryers and Hygiene A definitive statement on the bacteriological safety of warm air Excel Dryer, Inc . wants our distributors and end users to be confident in the safety and health benefits of warm air hand and hair dryers.


Buying and Using Clothes Washers and Dryers

ENERGY note W hen shopping for a new clothes washer or dryer, there's more to consider than price and features. The amount you'll spend on energy to operate the appliance over its life far exceeds the purchase price.



10811-1 SECTION 10811 ELECTRIC HAND DRYERS November 2010 Display hidden notes to specifier. (Don't know how? Click Here ) ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Excel Dryer Inc.; electric hand dryers.


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