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Simcro Syringes STF/STV DESCRIPTION MAX. DOSES CODE • Extremely accurate repeating dose-variable dose adjustment. • Durable construction, materials inert to virtually all actives and carriers.


OSU Beef Cattle Research Update July 2008

BEEF CATTLE RESEARCH UPDATE Britt Hicks, Ph.D., PAS Area Extension Livestock Specialist Oklahoma Panhandle Research & Extension Center July 2008 Evaluation of BRD Treatment with Tulathromycin (Draxxin ®) in Feedlot Cattle A recent review noted that morbidity and mortality from bovine ...


Pinkeye, Keratoconjunctivitis of Cattle

Pinkeye Keratoconjunctivitis of Cattle W. Mark Hilton, D.V.M. School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service • West Lafayette, IN 47907 Animal Health E pidemics of pinkeye, or infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, can affect cattle of all ...


Strategic Use of Antibiotics in Stocker Cattle

The drugs available to treat calves that show the best results are Nuflor ® and Draxxin ® . Baytril ® and A180 ® can also be effective in treating Mycoplasma when there is a mixed infection with M. haemolyticia


Pfizer Inc. 2009 Financial Report

Financial Review Pfizer Inc. and Subsidiary Companies Introduction Our Financial Review is provided to assist readers in understanding the results of operations, financial condition and cash flows of Pfizer Inc. (the Company).


Respiratory Disease of Sheep and Goats Dr Paula Menzies ...

– Tulathromycin (Draxxin) •Efficacy data lacking – Enrofloxacin (Baytril) •Can’t use extra label on request by VDD, Health Canada How To Treat Sick Lambs and


WHEN IT COUNTS - WHERE IT COUNTS For a long period of time

WHEN IT COUNTS - WHERE IT COUNTS DRAXXIN DELIVERS Draxxin offers a wide spectrum of activity, long lasting protection, a convenient low volume injection and rapid onset of activity to help protect all your calves at risk. ● For a long period of time Draxxin offers a wide spectrum of activity ...


Accidental Inoculations - A sticky problem

... .....$5.00 Dexamethasone 2mg/ml 100ml.....$7.50 Draxxin 100mg 100ml.....$325.00 Draxxin 100mg 50ml.....$164.00 Nuflor 300mg/ml 100ml..... $56.00 Nuflor 300mg/ml 250ml..... $136.00 Naxcel 4gm ...



Draxxin was first authorised in the European Union on 11 November 2003 and it is curently indicated for the treatment and prevention of bovine respiratory disease ...


Withdrawal Time Charts

Withdrawal Time Chart - Bovine Product Name Species Route of Administration Company Name Mk Mt 00 Topical Cattle 3% Rabon® Livestock Dust Durvet 14d Oral Calves 5-Way Calf Scour Bolus™ AgriLabs 21d S.C. Cattle 7 Gauge™ AgriPharm 21d S.C. Cattle 7-Way Aspen 21d I.M., S.C. Cattle 7-Way/Somnus ...


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