Distracted Driver Awareness Month

NEWS RELEASE Date: April 19, 2011 Contact: Brittany Hutton 683-6624 (Office), 970-986-9668 (Cell) [email protected]


Clarification of the City of Troy Distracted Driving Ordinance

Clarification of the City of Troy Distracted Driving Ordinance Since November 2009, data has been collected from City of Troy crashes, specifically from driver and witness statements.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: First Distracted Driving ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: May 25, 2011 Chris Cochran, OTS Fran Clader, CHP. 916-509-3063 (916) 843-3310



NOTE TAKING TASSEL To help me get distracted when taking notes. T ry not to doodle while taking notes. • Doodling breaks your concentration and takes your focus away from your note taking.


Reducing Driver Distractions

Reducing Driver Distractions Distracted driving is an important issue for everyone on the road today. According to a 100-car study conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, driver inattention that may involve looking away from the road for more than a few seconds is a factor in nearly ...


Distracted Driving: A Bicycling Advocate's Resource

1 Distracted Driving: A Bicycling Advocate's Resource Safe, responsible driving requires concentration. While there have always been many distractions on the road, technology and hundreds of new gadgets have given drivers many more distractions.


Distracted Drivers Task Force

1 I. INTRODUCTION Due to the increase in the number of traffic crashes resulting from drivers becoming distracted by today's technological advances, compromising the safety of those using the roadways in Illinois, House Joint Resolution 22 was passed creating the Distracted Drivers Task Force.


Overview of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's

Definition, Measurement of Distraction Although the definition may seem obvious, the term distracted driving has been used to represent different driver conditions.


Teen Driving

Teen Driving a short essay by Sara A. Crowe Ever notice how so many teens are involved in car crashes? Teens are easily distracted and inexperienced.


New distracted driving law comes into effect September 1

June 22, 2011 New distracted driving law comes into effect September 1 Edmonton .... The most comprehensive distracted driving legislation in Canada will soon be implemented in our province.


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