Disposable technologies for purification of biopharmaceuticals

From Clone to Commercial ® Definition of Biopharmaceuticals æ Biologic Products are products that are made by or composed of viable organisms or biopolymer analogs • Recombinant Proteins • Monoclonal Antibodies • Natural Hormones and Enzymes • Synthetic Peptides and Oligonucleotides ...


• Disposable • Reusable • Won't blow off in the wind ...

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Black Lightning Gloves $26.00 THE WORLDS TOUGHEST DISPOSABLE GLOVES Superior protection with durability. Our Black Lightning gloves have been specifically designed for use in the automotive repair & paint trade.


Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment of Disposable Bioreactors

18 BioProcess International A pril 2009 S upplement Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment of Disposable Bioreactors Meagan Mauter D isposable technology for bioprocessing is efficient and cost effective in many product development scenarios.


Advances in Disposable- Format Downstream Processing Technologies

Business and Operational Driving Forces for Disposable DSP Technologies æ Business drivers favoring increased use of disposables: • Speed to clinical proof-of-concept and commercial launch • Reduced capital investment and improved return on capital employed • Deferred expenses on early ...


Bioprocessing Systems

S ingle-use disposable technolog y is gaining acceptance in the biopharmaceutical arena, especially with processors seeking to reduce their operating costs and add flexibility to their manufacturi ng schemes.


SpaceKraft® Disposable Tote

Cutting and Dispensing Spacekraft ® Totes can be emptied by gravity or pumping. Follow the instructions below to cut the bladder and attach the ball valve in Kit Part #3918034S.


disposable infusion pumps

www.medscape.com http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/537694 Disposable Infusion Pumps Elena A. Skryabina; Teresa S. Dunn Am J Health-Syst Pharm. 2006;63(13):1260-1268.


Patient Information Serires: Disposable Respirators

Patient Information Series AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Is a disposable respirator the same as a dust mask? No. Although some people confuse these two terms and call disposable respirators "dust masks," a disposable respirator is different than a dust mask.


Disposable Temperature Probes

GE Healthcare Make the right connection •Latex-free materials help ensure patient safety •Temperature probes and cables from GE Healthcare help you effectively utilize our patient monitoring technologies •Application areas include fingers, toes, ears, esophagus, nasopharynx, rectum, and ...


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