Windows Developer Preview - Windows 8

04 05 More than two out of three PCs today are mobile devices—laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets, and slates. Nearly every PC is capable of wireless connectivity.

Getting Started with In App Purchase on iPhone OS

Nothing herein is intended to modify the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, the iPhone Developer Program Enterprise License Agreement, ...

Sue Harper Senior Principal Product Manager

<Insert Picture Here> Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 Sue Harper Senior Principal Product Manager

The Objective-C Programming Language

Contents Introduction7 WhoShouldReadThisDocument7 OrganizationofThisDocument8 Conventions8 SeeAlso9 TheRuntimeSystem9 MemoryManagement9 Objects,Classes,andMessaging10

Oracle Data Sheet

ORACLE SQL DEVELOPER: DATA MODELER. A COMPLETE MODEL-TOIMPLEMENTATION SOLUTION FOR DATA RELATED MODELING: KEY FEATURES  Create, browse, and edit database models  Synchronized forward and reverse engineering between Logical and Relational models  Model compare and merge facilities ...

AZ® Developer, 400K, and 421K Inorganic Developers

DATA SHEET AZ ® Developer, 400K, and 421K Inorganic Developers Description AZ ® inorganic developers are either sodium- or potassium-based developers.

Adobe Acrobat 8.0 SDK

The second is the form that is included in developer type libraries. This example shows a Visual Basic subroutine to view a given page of an open document: ...


material safety datasheet microposit 351 developer 30900 2.00 us us 09.05.1997 msds_us msds_us page 1 of 7 1. chemical product and company identification product code 30900

NVIDIA CUDA Programming Guide

ii CUDA C Programming Guide Version 4.0 Changes from Version 3.2  Replaced all mentions of the deprecated cudaThread* functions by the new cudaDevice* names.  Updated all mentions of texture<…> to use the new cudaTextureType* macros.  Updated Sections 2.2, B.16, and F.1 now that three ...


adobe acrobat software developer's kit software license agreement notice to user: please read this contract carefully. by using all or any portion of the software you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement, including, in particular, the limitations on: use contained in sections 2 ...

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