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Page 2 GaPSC Rule 505-2-.41 Certificate Level Upgrade GUIDANCE FOR GEORGIA CERTIFIED EDUCATORS Quick Facts:  GaPSC Rule 505-2-.41 , effective December 15, 2010, redesigns the certificate upgrade process to: connect advanced degree majors to the educator's work, student achievement and ...

Types of Degrees and Certificates

Types of Degrees and Certificates 4 Undergraduate Degrees Transfer Degree A.A. - Associate of Arts A.A.T. - Associate of Arts in Teaching A.E.S. - Associate of Engineering Science A.F.A. - Associate of Fine Arts A.S.- Associate of Science · If you plan to complete the first two years at a ...

Shaw University Graduate and Professional School Catalog 2006 ...

THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Dear Graduate and Professional School Student: Welcome to Shaw University! Whether you are entering for your first semester or returning to continue your graduate studies, we are glad you are here.

What is the difference between the A.A. and the A.S. Degree?

What is the difference between the A.A. and the A.S. Degree? The Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree is designed for students who want to pursue a four-year degree in one of the liberal arts disciplines or at a professional school that requires a science requirements for the A.A. degree are usually ...

Temperature Conversions

Name Date Class 1 of 5 MATH SKILLS Temperature Conversions Sample Problem Earth's moon rotates about once every 29 days, so that day and night on the moon last about two weeks each.


Instructional Objectives . After reading this chapter the student will be able to . 1. Differentiate between various structural forms such as beams, plane truss,


Illinois LAND SURVEYING May 2001 5 - i CHAPTER FIVE LAND SURVEYING Table of Contents Page I. INTRODUCTION..... 5-1 A. General ...

Climate of Missouri

Climate of Missouri Introduction This publication consists of a narrative that describes some of the principal climatic features and a number of climatological summaries for stations in various geographic regions of the State.

Landlocked Property

SOLUTIONS THROUGH RESEARCH September 1992 Vol. 7, No. 1 947 Landlocked Property A Reprint From Easements When buying property, the three most important items are location, location and location.

hp calculators

hp calculators HP 35s Solving Trigonometry Problems hp calculators - 2 - HP 35s Solving Trigonometry Problems - Version 1.0 The trigonometric functions The trigonometric functions, sine, cosine, tangent, and related functions, are used in geometry, surveying, and design.

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