HIMSS Electronic Health Record Definitional Model Version 1.0

EHR Definition, Attributes and Essential Requirements Version 1.0 HIMSS Page 1 11/6/2003 HIMSS Electronic Health Record Definitional Model Version 1.0 Prepared by HIMSS Electronic Health Record Committee Thomas Handler, MD.


The Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) for Building Projects is a powerful and simple tool that helps meet this need by offering a method to measure project scope definition for completeness.

rmajette on DSK89S0YB1PROD with RULES

Policy Clarifying Definition of ‘‘Actively Engaged’’ for Purposes of Inspector Authorization AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

Recovery Oriented Computing: Motivation, Definition ...

Recovery Oriented Computing (ROC): Motivation, Definition, Techniques, and Case Studies Recovery Oriented Computing: Motivation, Definition, Principles, and Examples

Environmental Science : Definition, Scope and Importance

INTRODUCTION The science of Environment studies is a multi-disciplinary science because it comprises various branches of studies like chemistry, physics, medical science, life science, agriculture, public health, sanitary engineering etc.


The classification cut-off date of the September 1 was reviewed by the USAV Youth/Junior Olympic Volleyball Division (YJOVD) prior to the USAV 2008 Annual Meetings and research justified the continuation of the cut-off date of September 1.

Arguments of Definition

Arguments of Definition Intro: Most of the prompts for this week ask for some form of definition—of rhetoric, professional writing, technical writing, or some combination.

Claude Lenfant Scott M. Grundy, H. Bryan Brewer, Jr, James I ...

Definition of Metabolic Syndrome Report of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute/American Heart Association Conference on Scientific Issues Related to Definition

Smallpox Case Definitions

Smallpox Clinical Case Definition, Case Classifications and Clinical Types (continued from previous page) December 31, 2003 Page 2 of 2 Case definition Smallpox clinical case definition An illness with acute onset of fever >101°F ...

Generating and storing renewable energy - Includes ...

May 2009 CALIFORNIA'S WORKING DEFINITION OF THE GREEN ECONOMY Green or clean is any activity or service that performs at least one of the following: G enerating and storing renewable energy R ecycling existing materials E nergy efficient product manufacturing, distribution, construction ...

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