Treatment for Your Cold-Damaged Palms

Treatment for Your Cold-Damaged Palms Some of our plants may not have come through the harsh winter too well this year. This seems to be on many minds right now.


Managing Flood Damaged Crops and Forage from Tropical Storm Irene

1 Managing Flood Damaged Crops and Forage from Tropical Storm Irene Tropical storm Irene has caused some of the most massive flood damage to crops in over fifty years.


Damage/Missing Property Claim Form

Please specify if your item(s) is damaged or missing. [ ] Damaged [ ] Missing 2. Was airline notified immediately of damage/missing property? [ ] Yes ...


Hard Freeze Damages Sinaloa Corn and Produce

If these loss estimates are borne out, the total damaged area for the 2010/11 fall/winter white corn crop in Sinaloa could reach approximately 300,000 hectares ...


Anyone suffering crop damage due to recent floods should ...

Monitor for molds. Corn from flood-damaged fields should be evaluated for grain quality and kept separate if there are indications of molds.


Can These Trees Be Saved

move only the damaged limbs, wait and see what happens. Hold Off: (Illustration 5) A healthy mature tree can recover even when several major limbs are damaged. With large trees, a ...


Frost-Damaged Forages Can Be Deadly

Frost-Damaged Forages Can Be Deadly Ron Lemenager 1 and Keith Johnson 2 Beef 1 and Forage 2 Extension Specialists Purdue University, Departments of Animal Sciences 1 and Agronomy 2 When plants freeze, changes occur rapidly in their metabolism and composition that can be toxic to livestock.


Assessing HurricAne-DAmAgeD Trees AnD DeciDing WHAT To Do

Introduction Right after a hurricane, communities and homeowners need to decide what to do with storm-damaged trees. Although damaged trees may seem to be dying, some trees can be restored, others will need to be removed, and still others will not require any special treatment and can be left alone.


Frequently Asked Questions Crop Insurance & Drought-Damaged Crops

What Should A Policyholder Do When Crops Are Drought-Damaged? The policyholder should contact the crop insurance company that sold the policy prior to putting their spring-planted crop acres to another use by harvesting for silage, diverting irrigation from the crops or by abandoning the acres.


Forensic engineering of fire-damaged structures

CIVIL engIneerIng Keywords brickwork & masonry; concrete structures; materials technology doi: 10.1680/cien.2009.162.5.12 There has never been a greater need for buildings, tunnels and other infrastructure to be assessed for damage following fires.


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