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Contractors and workers use their own names for triggers and operating modes such as "single shot" and "multi-shot". The bottom line: contractors should check the tool label and manual for manufacturer-specific trigger names and operating information.

Contractors - Who Pays the Tax?

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Use Tax and Contractors

If a contractor is installing tangible personal property as part of a contract and that property remains tangible personal property after installation, then the contractor is not the consumer of the tangible personal property.


OFCCP's T echnical Assistance Guide for Federal Construction Contractors provides comprehensive information to assist construction and federally assisted construction contractors in complying with their obligations as contractors, ...


CONTRACTORS SCOPE OF WORK All scopes are listed below, based on Guam Contractors Licensing and/or if company has indicated so. Toward end of document, all companies are listed again alphabetically.

Nebraska - 6/22/2011 - Updated information indicated in boxes ...

1. Nebraska. Taxation of. Contractors. General. Information. Revised October 1, 2007. INFORMATION. GUIDE. This Information Guide provides general information for contractors performing work

Contractors’ Support of U.S. Operations in Iraq

Notes All dollar amounts are in 2008 dollars. Unless otherwise indicated, all years referred to in this report are federal fiscal years. Numbers in the text and tables may not add up to totals because of rounding.

Department of Defense Contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq ...

CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Department of Defense Contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq: Background and

Contractors: The New Element of Military Force Structure

Contractors: The New Element of Military Force Structure MARKCANCIAN ©2008 MarkCancian M ercenaries,""merchants of death,""coalition of the billing,""ana-tionaldisgrace"all have been used to describe the use of contractors in war.

What is contractors' All Risks Insurance?

What is contractors' All Risks Insurance? Reproduced by kind permission of RICS Construction Journal December 2008 There are broadly two types of construction risks insurance.

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