Decoupling of Object-Oriented Systems

Decoupling of Object-Oriented Sys-tems A Collection of Patterns Version 1.1 Jens Coldewey Coldewey Consulting 17.07.00 (revision) (based on material written for sd&m AG, Munich in 1996) Please observe : This paper contains work from 1996, I would consider partly outdated .

Are Agile Methodologies Really Different

Visibility implies that everyone knows and agrees upon what they are looking at. This introduces the concept of sashimi, a slice of the whole equivalent in content to all other slices of the whole.

Control your audio and video devices with your EIB/KNX system

Dimensions The dimensions of the EIB Mediabox are: W x H x D: 170mm x 53mm x 121mm Contact: Detlef Coldewey GmbH Burgstraße 6 26655 Westerstede Tel.: +49 4488 83 84 - 0 Fax: +49 4488 83 84 - 30 E-Mail: [email protected]

Implications of Earthquakes on the Stability of Tailings Dams

Implications of Earthquakes on the Stability of Tailings Dams Tobias Rudolph, Wilhelm G. Coldewey Institute for Geology-Palaeontology, University of Münster, Corrensstr. 24, 48149 Münster, Germany, [email protected],, ...

Contracting Agile Projects

Contracting Agile Projects by Jens Coldewey, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium After more than five years of agile software development, we unders tand its nuts and bolts pretty well: we know how to build software in an agile manner; we know how to set up an agile team; we have built an ...

Kennedy WE Weser-Ems-Pony

O LDENBURG H ORSE B REEDER ' S S OCIETY 2008 S TALLION D IRECTORY 21 Kennedy WE Weser-Ems-Pony Registration #: DE 335 35-00443-97 Height: 14.2hh Breeder: Timo Coldewey Birthdate: 5/21/1997 Color & Markings: Black Standing at: Goldammerweg 2 26197, Sage-Haast Germany Phone: 785-776-5000 Fax: 785 ...

Portico - E0711LME

PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS Muñoz Seca, 6 50005 ZARAGOZA • España Responsable de la Sección: Concha Aguirre Tel. 976 35 70 07 Fax (+34) 976 35 32 26 J. C. COLDEWEY, ed. MEDIEVAL DRAMA Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies 4 vols. 2007 — 1.600 pp. € 929,00 Es ...

Introducing Patterns (or any new idea) into Organizations

This has led Coldewey and Dyson to write, "Patterns have changed the way we think about building software and have changed the way we work."[3] Even though organizations have much to gain from a reuse approach to software development, there is little evidence that many are utilizing patterns to achieve it.

Development and investigation of a pollution control pit for

Passive Filter - Sustainable BMP for Permanent Stormwater Treatment of Heavy Metals, Nutrients, Hydrocarbons and Sediment C. Dierkes 1, P. Göbel2, W.G. Coldewey 2, T. Fleischanderl 3, J.I. Mothersbaugh 4, L. Dier-Ackley 4, J.E. Mothersbaugh 4, J. Stark 5 1 HydroCon GmbH, Münster, Germany 2 ...

Subject: HydroFilter® - Australian Laboratory Test Results

Dr Darren Drapper National Water Solutions Manager Humes Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd References Dierkes, C., Gobel, P., Lohmann, M., Coldewey, W.G., ( 2005 ) Development and investigation of a pollution control pit for treatment of stormwater from metal roofs and traffic areas , 10 th International Conference ...

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