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Fact SheetHS-40 April 1994 The Coconut 1 RichardL. Phillips 2 Scientific Name: Cocosnucifera Linn. Family: Palmaceae ORIGIN Comparatively little is known about the origin and early distribution of the coconut palm, probably because it was so widely spread throughout the tropical areas of the ...

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a container at least 10 inches deep and large enough in diameter to hold the nut. Use a well drained potting soil mix. After soaking the nut, plant it with the pointed end down and the end that was attached to the tree upward.

Its role in health

COCONUT Its role in health Contributing authors: Wendy Snowdon (Lifestyle Health Section, SPC) Tom Osborn (Agricultural Adviser, SPC) Dr Bill Aarlbersberg (Professor of Chemistry, University of the South Pacific) Jimaima Schultz (Lifestyle Health Section, SPC)

The Coconut

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) was established in June 1982 by an Act of the Australian Parliament. Its mandate is to help identify agricultural problems in developing countries and to commission collaborative research between Australian and developing ...

Farm and Forestry Production and Marketing Profile for ...

Farm and Forestry Production and Marketing Profile for Coconut by Mike Foale and Hugh Harries 2 USES AND PRODUCTS Except for the fairly recent commercialisation of coconut water from immature fruit, the principal products of the coconut palm come from the whole mature fruit: the husk fibre for ...


1 Coconut Coconut article has been written by Y V Agustin of the United Coconut Associations of the Philippines (UCAP) and covers - The Coconut Palm - Tree of Life The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera, L) is commonly called the "Tree of Life" because of its myriad uses.

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Coconut Research-Coconut Research Center

Coconut Research-Coconut Research Center[1/4/2012 10:26:33 AM] Coconut Research The journal articles listed below are just a small sampling of the many published studies


Corn remains a staple food to a number of Filipinos in some regions of the country especially in the Visayas where coconut is also abundant. Likewise, at present, there is a great demand of corn for livestock feeds in the country.

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