Designed for best hearing performance - CP810 Sound Processor ...

Designed for best hearing performance Introducing the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 5 System A CoChleAr ImplAnt heArIng solutIon Cochlear, the elliptical logo, Contour, Freedom, SmartSound, Snugfit and Softip are trademarks of Cochlear Limited.

Cochlear™ Nucleus® 5 wins top design award

MEDIA RELEASE 3 June 2010 Cochlear ™ Nucleus ® 5 wins top design award Cochlear Limited has won the prestigious red dot award: product design 2010 award, for its Cochlear Nucleus 5 System, a breakthrough hearing solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Cochlear Nucleus 5 delivers advanced speech-in-noise hearing ...

Cochlear ™ Nucleus ® 5 delivers advanced speech-in-noise hearing with a new multi directional noise management system Introduction Normal hearing is a dynamic process.

Nucleus® cochlear implants Physician's Package Insert

This document contains important information such as indications and contraindications that applies to the following cochlear implant systems: Cochlear • ™ Nucleus ® CI500 Series cochlear implant Nucleus Freedom • ™ implant Nucleus 24 implant • Nucleus 22 implant•

FM Systems and Nucleus® Cochlear™ Implants

technology spotlight :: issUe 3 :: JanUary 2011 :: FM systeMs FM systems are designed to improve a cochlear implant recipient's signal-to-noise ratio (snr) to allow him/her to hear better in noisy environments, reverberant places and to hear speech from a distance. the microphone of the FM ...

Nucleus® 5 Cochlear Implant (CI512) Technical Specifications

From the company with the industry's best implant reliability record 1-3 - built on over 25 years of experience and developed in close collaboration with surgeons around the world.

Cochlear™ Nucleus® 5 Sound Processor Skinit® Instructions

Purchasing your Skinit 1. Visit and search for Cochlear Nucleus 2. Select Nucleus 5 3. Choose your design and place your order Applying Skinit to your sound processor 1.

Corporate Medical Policy

Corporate Medical Policy Page 1 of 6 An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Cochlear Implant File Name: cochlear_implant 2/1996 2/2011 2/2012 2/2011 Origination: Last CAP Review: Next CAP Review: Last Review: Description of Procedure or Service A cochlear implant ...

Cochlear™ Service Agreements

Cochlear's standard warranty is free of charge and begins the day you are fitted with your sound processor. When your original warranty expires after 3 years, Cochlear Service Agreements provide protection and peace of mind without worrying about problems like unexpected processor repairs.

Cochlear™ - connecting people to the world of sound

Introduction 3 • What guides us We connect people with moderate to profound hearing loss to the world of sound by offering life-enhancing hearing solutions that deliver the best possible hearing outcomes.

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