The Importance of Understanding Clouds

NASA Facts National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Importance of Understanding Clouds One of the most interesting features of Earth, as seen from space, is the ever-changing distribution of clouds [see Figure 1 ].


PROGRAM 4 Clouds ◆GET READY TO WATCH Discuss the question, "Where do clouds come from?" Before viewing the program, make a daily clouds chart.

Common Cloud Names, Shapes, and Altitudes:

Cumulus Clouds ("The cloud of choice for 6-yr.-olds") Fast Facts: Typical Altitude: 2,000-3,000 ft. Location: Worldwide (except in Antartica, where it's too cold) Precipitation: Generally none, except for brief showers from congestus Composition: Liquid water Formation: Thermal convection ...

Cloud Protocols

GLOBE ® 2003 Cloud Protocols - 1 Atmosphere L earning Activities A ppendix W elcome Introduction Pr otocols Cloud Protocols Purpose To observe cloud type and cover and contrail type and cover Overview Students observe which of ten types of clouds and how many of three types of contrails are ...

The Kiwi Kids Cloud Identification Guide

Since Luke Howard developed the first cloud classification system in 1802, clouds have been classified according to the altitude of the cloud base and the shape of the cloud.

What are clouds made of?

Investigating the Climate System

Investigating the Climate System CLOUDS CLOUDS And the Earth's Radiant Energy System Authored by: Sallie M. Smith, Howard B. Owens Science Center, Greenbelt, Maryland Prepared by: Stacey Rudolph, Senior Science Education Specialist, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Arlington ...

Clouds - the story for teachers

Clouds - the story for teachers Naming clouds The system for naming clouds was introduced in 1802 by Luke Howard, a chemist and amateur meteorologist.

Radiation, Clouds, Water Vapor, Precipitation, and ...

C HAPTER 2 C ONTENTS 2.1 Introduction 43 2.1.1 Role of radiation, clouds, atmospheric water, and precipitation in climate and global change 43 2.2Major scientific issues 43 2.2.1 Total solar irradiance and the Earth's climate 43 Role of TSI in climate change 43 Space-based ...

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One of the many Castle in the Clouds carriage/ bridle trails ends on Bald Knob and can be followed back to the Castle in the Clouds property and to other mountains, including Turtleback, ...

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