Fall 2011 & Spring 2012

Cloud: Going Anywhere Starts Here Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 Online Course List Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 Cloud: Going Anywhere Starts Here!

Cloud First, Cloud Fast: Recommendations for Innovation ...

A Report from the Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2) * CloudStack Administration Guide - ... CloudStack 2.1 Administration Guide © 2010 Inc. All rights reserved. 1 . CloudStack Administration Guide. Version 2.1


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BlackBerry Business Cloud Services - Beta 1 - Feature and ...

Contents 1 About BlackBerry Business Cloud Services..... 2 BlackBerry solution comparison chart ... CloudStack Administration Guide CloudStack 2.2.4 - 2.2.7 Administration Guide October 25, 2011 © 2010, 2011 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 9 1 About CloudStack The™ CloudStack™ platform is a complete software suite used to create Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds.

The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing

NIST Special Publication 800-145 The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing Peter Mell Timothy Grance C O M P U T E R S E C U R I T Y Computer Security Division Information Technology Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8930 September 2011 U.S ...


i ★ ★ TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 1 I Unleashing the Power of Cloud 5 1 Defining cloud computing ...

Security Guidance

Copyright © 2009 Cloud Security Alliance 7 Letter from the Editors It is hard to believe that just seven short months ago, we pulled together a diverse group of individuals from all corners of the technology industry to publish the first "Security Guidance for Critical Areas in Cloud Computing."

ACS Cloud Consulting

ACS Cloud Consulting Overview Solution Description ACS Cloud Consulting services help clients devise a comprehensive Cloud strategy and transformation plan that is tailored specifically to an enterprise's needs.

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