2 Chords The knowledge comes from the shadow, and the shadow comes from the gnomon. — From the Chou-pei Suan-king (ca. 1105 b.c. ), cited in David E. Smith , History of Mathematics, vol. 2, p. 603 When considered separately, line segments and angles behave in a simple manner: the combined ...

(The Communion Hymn) Words and m

13   share share share share       F'9 in in in in this this this His bread bread bread suf C/E          of of of fer Fma7    life, life, life, ing, G'9    and and and we C/E   we we we pro drink drink drink claim ...

Jesus, I Come

Jesus, I Come ©2000 Greg Thompson. Words: William Sleeper. Music: Greg Thompson. C G Fmaj7 1. Out of my bondage, sorrow and night, Am G Fmaj7 Jesus, I come; Jesus I come.

©1997 Christopher Miner Music. Words: Martin Lurther. Music ...

Bm G The voice of lamentation; D A Lord, turn a gracious ear to me Bm G And hear my supplication;


Top 100 Essential Chords: Open Position Chords: Major This first section contains your standard open chords. Every beginner should learn these probably before trying to play anything else.


YOU ARE MY HIDING PLACE . Am Dm7 . You are my hiding place . G Cmj7 Fmj7 . You always fill my heart with songs


Chords Chords are the building blocks of music. We will begin by examining several types of 3 note chords called triads. They are Major, minor, diminished and augmented.

Sus Chords 'Sus' chords. You hear this from time to time and ...

Sus Chords 'Sus' chords. You hear this from time to time and think "what is 'sus' and what does it mean?" Chords you see written as a 'Sus4' for example are suspended chords.


FAITH OF OUR FATHERS. Page 570 Trinity Hymnal (Key of G), p106 guitar fake book (same key) P279 violin (same key) G D7 G C D G C G A7 D


BASIC CHORD PROGRESSIONS In a song, chords progress from one to another. Hence the term " chord progression ." A basic chord progressio n is a set of chords that are common to many songs.

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