Collection Seven: Our Classical Heritage

Exercise A Revising Choppy Sentences and Stringy Sentences Revise each of the following items so that they are no longer choppy or stringy. E XAMPLE : Aesop's fables are loved around the world, and they've been translated into many languages, and some versions are illustrated, and others are in verse.

Rewriting Choppy Sentences

Rewriting Choppy Sentences (from Oshima, Alice and Ann Hogue. 1999 Writing Academic English, Third Edition. Longman, White Plains, NY) Choppy sentences are sentences that are too short.

Exercise: Choppy Sentences

Exercise: Choppy Sentences Connect the following choppy sentences choppy sentences by linking them together. •The Romans claimed descent from Troy.

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Smaller Plates Soup of the day £4.50 served with ciabatta Crab and prawns salad £6.95 Atlantic prawns and crab claw bounded in dill and Crème fresh Crispy fried salt and pepper squid £4.95 Served with chilli sauce Haddock Fishcake £5.95 Smoked haddock, leek and mustard fishcake served with ...

The chemical financing market remains choppy ICIS

The chemical financing market remains choppy, despite improvements Author: Peter Young 27 August 2010 [Published in ICIS Chemical Business] Peter Young is president of New York, US-based investment banking firm Young & Partners, and has more than 20 years' experience in chemical and life science ...

EXERCISE 14-1 Choppy Sentences

EXERCISE 14-1 Choppy Sentences Combine the following sentences by subordinating minor ideas or by coordinating ideas of equal importance. You must decide which ideas are minor because the sentences are given out of context.

11: 50% sold 12: Price 1st 25% @ Dec. $5.75 season for ...

Trend is choppy to lower. 11: 60% FC for both cash sellers and hedgers. 12: No sales yet. Short-term trend is choppy. 11: 60% sold for cash, hedgers have 70% sold.

SGD 3-Month SIBOR in 2010 to Rise Moderately, But will be Choppy

With the world in a better shape as compared to 12 months ago, the focus is now on global central banks paring back some of their emergency setting policy measures, in particular the aggressively easy monetary policy stance.

Choppy Waters: New NASD Rules

Choppy Waters: New NASD Rules A wave of updated NASD rules and regulations that affect the management and marketing of hedge fund operations has swept into the industry.

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