Historic Cemeteries Preservation Guide

Surveying the Cemetery's Features Looking at a landscape through the eyes of both a historian and a horticulturist will help put together the pieces of the cemetery story.


NATIONAL CEMETERY - Walking Tour To Begin Your Walk

NATIONAL CEMETERY Walking Tour To Begin Your Walk This walking tour of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery starts at the Taneytown Road entrance.


Participant Guide

Welcome Welcome to today's TELNPS course titled, Essentials for Cemetery Monument Care. This class will last from 12:00PM to 2:30PM Eastern Time on April 23, 2009, and will consist of live instruction via Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) from the US Fish and Wildlife Service National ...


Elm Grove Cemetery Association History

Page 1 of 6 Elm Grove Cemetery Association History In nineteenth century America, a favorite spot for a Sunday afternoon outing was the local cemetery.


Catholic Cemeteries

Cemetery of the Holy Rood * Queen of All Saints Cemetery * Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Catholic Cemeteries - September 1, 2011 Diocese of Rockville Centre P O Box 182 , ...


Laws Governing Illinois Cemeteries

Cemetery authority is the legallyauthori zed owner or operator of a cemetery. The cemetery authority maybe ani ndividu al or an organization with some members serving as trustees.


History and Development of the National Cemetery Administration

Communications & Outreach Support Division (41C2) Washington, DC 20420 (202) 461-6240 FAX (202) 273-6698 www.cem.va.gov [email protected] Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration History and Development of the National Cemetery Administration National cemeteries were ...


N E W S L E T T E R River View Cemetery

As it has for 127 years, River View Cemetery continues to provide superior service to our clients. One of the best ways for us to provide the best service is by helping clients pre-plan for their future cemetery and funeral home arrangements.


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