Documentation Guidelines for Candidates

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CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Filed with the Secretary of State October 17-28, 2011 REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES Monday, October 17, 2011 Ron Paul, Lake Jackson, Texas (mail: 8000 Forbes Place, Ste. 200, Springfield, VA 22151) —filed by representative [email protected] Fred ...

T each ing K nowledge T est

2 Teaching Knowledge Test could be used by candidates to access further training, and enhance career opportunities •to encourage teachers in their professional development by providing a step in a developmental framework of awards for teachers of English.

Candidates MUST bring their Board issued photo containing ...

Testing Information Packet (TIP) COSMETOLOGY PRACTICAL Candidates MUST bring their Board issued photo containing Board seal and identification number, along with one of the following forms of identification: current, valid driver’s license, passport, State, or Federal issued ...


OFFICE QUALIFICATIONS LEGAL CITATION R.S. 18:451.2 By the date of qualification, the candidate shall have resided in the state ...

First Certificate in English

fce information for candidates 2 Why take First Certificate in English (FCE)? If your knowledge of English is already good enough for many everyday situations, then FCE is the right exam for you.

LOCAL CANDIDATE CONTROLLED COMMITTEES 1.866.275.3772 or 916.322.5660 FPPC TAD • 016-04.2011 (rev 2) • Page 1 of 9 California Fair Political Practices Commission Candidates and Campaign Committees The FAQs listed below are selected from FPPC Campaign Disclosure Manuals.

Chapter IV. Candidates

IV - 1 Chapter IV. Candidates Revised 7/1/09 This chapter focuses primarily on candidates for national, state, county, township, city, school board, and community college offices.

2011 Mississippi House & Senate Candidates

2011 Mississippi House & Senate Candidates. Jackson, MS—Because the decennial census was not received from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce by the Governor by January 1, 2011, the qualifying deadline for State House and Senate seats was extended by the State Legislature to today, June 1, 2011 ...

United States Senators as Presidential Candidates

United States Senators as Presidential Candidates BARRYC. BURDEN Robert Dolewas apparently more comfortable and successful as a senator than as a candidate for president of the United States.

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