Topical Fire Research Series Vol. 7, Issue 1: Clothes Dryer ...

T opical F ire r esearch s eries Volume 7, Issue 1 / January 2007 continued on next page Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings Findings: Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually.


Table of ConTenTs CharTing Your JourneY 1) eMbarK 2 A) WHY GREEN BUILDING? 2 i. Benefits of Green Buildings 2 ii. What is LEED? 3 iii. Green Building and Sustainability Initiatives 8

D Breakthroughs: Technologies and Products Supported by the ...

Executive Summary The purpose of the project described in this report is to identify and characterize commercially available products and emerging (near-commercial) technologies that benefited from the support of the Building Technologies Program (BTP) within the U S Department of Energy's ...

Investing in energy and resource efficiency

Constructing new green buildings and retrofitting existing energy- and resource-intensive buildings stock can achieve significant savings.


California Energy Commission DRAFT STAFF REPORT ACHIEVING ENERGY SAVINGS IN CALIFORNIA BUILDINGS Saving Energy in Existing Buildings and Achieving a Zero-Net-Energy Future JULY 2011 CEC-400-2011-007-SD CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION Edmund G. Brown, Governor

Energy-efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Equipment

2035 . 2040 2045 . 2050 Technology Roadmap Energy-efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Equipment


Indoor Air Qualityin Commercial and Institutional Buildings OSHA 3348 METAL SCRAP RECYCLING

green careers, green construction, green buildings

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 1 Green Jobs: Green Construction Careers in Green Construction Drew Liming B uildings constructed today are very different from those built 100 years ago.

What is a Smart Building?

© Smart Buildings, LLC. All rights reserved. What is a Smart Building? A smart building is the integration of building, technology, and energy systems.

Fire Escape Codes in Historic Buildings

Fire Escape Codes 1 Running Head: FIRE ESCAPE CODES Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management Fire Escape Codes In Historic Buildings Jeff T. Johnson Pawtucket (RI) Fire Department August 2006

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