Introducing the only broadhead licensed to carry the Mathews ...

Introducing the only broadhead licensed to carry the Mathews name. NEW and designed to be "fast acting"on Whitetail sized game. A full 2-inchcut 3-blade makes it among the largest in the industry!


"Thanks to my Grim Reaper Broadheads I harv ested this ram with a low poundage bow and light arrows! Double lung shot, he only went 100 yards!" Thanks so much,-Stacey Greathouse CONVERTS TO 11/4-inch CUT WITH EXPANDER C UP PACK includes NEW PRACTICE HEAD It flew like a field point penetrated ...


for immediate release . contact: brett fulton . smoke broadheads . 412 519 5352 . new and improved ramcat fixed blade broadhead debuted at the 2010 ata show in columbus, oh

Rage Broadheads

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Why Single-Bevel Broadheads?

© 2007, Dr. Ed Ashby, All Rights Reserved 1 Why Single-Bevel Broadheads? By Dr. Ed Ashby Single-Bevel broadheads are not new to the bowhunting scene. Harry Elburg was the first in modern times to manufacture a single-bevel broadhead, and his original Grizzly hit production some three decades ago.

GRIZZLY BROADHEADS – and the ‘Tanto Point’

GRIZZLY BROADHEADS – and the ‘Tanto Point’ By C. Lacey This workshop/pictorial concentrates on sharpening one particular two-blade head – the

Today's Mechanical Heads

F ixed blade broadheads are a mainstay in the archery industry and it's a safe bet to say they will never go away. Fixed blade heads have tipped the front end of arrows for thousands of years and have proven themselves both in war and in the hunting field.

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knowledgeable and responsible about your choice in broadheads. Remember that today’s hunting broadheads fall into several categories, and under the ideal set of

fifty-two to fifty-seven; (5) that the steel from which it is

Broadhead Tip Design Test N Total =42 Test Broadheads: Modified Concord. For all shots: Arrow Mass = 771 Gr. + 7.5 gr.; Impact Momentum = 0.442; ... - Hits Like a Ram Cuts Like a Cat - AIRFOIL

honesty after a full year of hunting with Ramcat Broadheads, they are the best I have ever used in my 34 yrs of bow hunting. In the last year, I have

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