WHAT DOES THE MIXED BREED ANCESTOR MEAN FOR MY DOG? We have identified for you the 5 next best breed matches which appeared in the analysis of your dog's DNA.

Breeds of pigs - Duroc

Gives the origin and history of this breed in Australia, its characteristics, uses and performance, and how modern breeders have made genetic improvements to the breed.

ARBA Breed ID Guidelines

ARBA Breed ID Guidelines & Rules General * Contestants will be asked to identify the Breed, Showroom Variety, Registration Variety and Four/Six Class status of twenty-five (25) animals.


The .5 and 1.0 lb. gain-per-day levels were selected to determine the minimum weight (gain) required to breed yearling heifers successfully.

Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada September 1982 ...

of strong breed-specific regulation to deal with pit bulls and Rottweilers, the insurance industry is doing the regulating instead, by means which

New Breed Facts

CNTRLFS030711 ©2011, NEW BREED, INC Services Distribution center operations and transportation management in support of manufacturing, distribution, returns processing, refurbishment & repair, materials management, and service parts operations.

Selecting the right chicken breed

AFS-There are many things to consider before selecting a chicken breed for your flock - whether you are planning to start a new flock or to add to an existing one.

Choosing a Chicken Breed: Eggs, Meat, or Exhibition, AS-518-W

1 Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service • West Lafayette IN, 47907 Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, West Lafayette, IN 47907 Animal Sciences Choosing a Chicken Breed: Eggs, Meat, or Exhibition Choosing a Chicken Breed: Eggs, Meat, or Exhibition Choosing a Chicken ...

2012 Breed Council/Committee* Membership Applicatio n

NOTE: The Persian breed is divided into seven separate divisions: solid, silver/golden, smoke/shaded, tabby, parti-color, calico/bi-color and himalayan

Traditional Livestock Breeds: Geographical Distribution and ...

The expansion of the text, to include species other than cattle and its reorientation towards a breed manipulation strategy was prepared as part of the 'Partnerships and Policies' programme grant made by DFID to ODI.

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