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What can cause bleeding during pregnancy? Vaginal bleeding or spotting during pregnancy can have many causes. Some are serious and some are not.

Bleeding in the Digestive Tract

Bleeding in the Digestive Tract National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse U.S. Department of Health and Human Services NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH Bleeding in the digestive tract is a symptom of a disease rather than a disease itself.

Bleeding Disorders in Women

Every day reveals a more promising future. Bleeding Disorders in Women While bleeding and clotting disorders affect both men and women, these bleeding disorder and many are unaware of their condition. conditions pose unique problems for women because of the impact the disorders can have on their ...

Herbal Supplement

This timely litera ture review by 2 internationally reco gnized authors will provide an overview of drugs and herbs that alter bleeding and will suggest ways that oral health care providers can assure proper care and management of their patients'oral and overall health.


Symptom Management 1 Bleeding Bleeding refers to blood coming out of the blood vessels. It may be oozing, trickling or flowing. Bleeding can be something that happens inside the body.

Bleeding- Blood disorders -PE II [Read-Only]

Normal control of bleeding  Vascular phase: begins immediately at the site of the wound  vas ocontriction Normal control of bleeding  Platelet phase: platelets migrate to wound area become "sticky" agglutinate and adhere to endothelial wall of vessel mechanical "plug" of platelets seal ...

Acute gastrointestinal bleeding: clinical essentials for the ...

S4• JAOA • Vol 100 •No 12 • Supplement to December 2000 Zuckerman• Acute gastrointestinal bleeding B leeding from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a common medical emergency that often eventuates in hospitalization.

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Bleeding occurred with every act of intercourse varying from mild to heavy loss. There was no inter-menstrual bleeding and no dyspareunia. Colposcopic examination revealed a healthy nulliparous cervix.

GI Bleeding

Upper GI Bleeding Upper GI Bleeding Refers to bleeding from esophagus, stomach, Refers to bleeding from esophagus, stomach, duodenum duodenum can present as can present as hematemesis -vomiting of bright red blood hematemesis -vomiting of bright red blood "coffee ...

Ulcers and Gastrointestinal Bleeding:

Ulcers and Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Protecting Your Health What you should know about the safe and appropriate use of common pain medications AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GASTROENTEROLOGY American College of Gastroenterology 6400 Goldsboro Road, Suite 450 Bethesda, MD 20817 Printing ...

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