Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowner's Handbook

2 Both as adults and as grubs (the larval stage), Japan ese beetles are destructive plant pests. Adults feed on the foliage and fruits of several hundred species of fruit trees, ...

Beneficial insects: beetles

page * Published by Utah State University Extension and Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory ENT-114-07 November 2007 Beneficial insects: beetles Erin W. Hodgson Extension Entomology Specialist Beetle Life Cycle Beetles belong in the largest insect order Coleoptera and go through complete ...

Red Turpentine Beetle

1 The red turpentine beetle (Dendroctonus valens LeConte) is the largest and most widely distributed bark beetle in North America. It belongs to a group of beetles that characteristically mine between the bark and the wood of trees.

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Ground Beetle Ground Beetle Lady Bird Beetle Beetles Beetles Striped Cucumber Beetle These beetles are beneficial and cause no damage in the garden. They feed on aphids, caterpillars and other garden pests.


ENTF ACT-409 JAPANESE BEETLES Lee Town send, Extension Entomologist Description and Habits Adult Japanese beetles are 3/8-inch long metallic green beetles with copper-brown wing covers.


PLS-10 June 2004 WSU Puyallup CUPBOARD BEETLES 1 By Art Antonelli Extension En tomologist, WSU Puyallup Cupboard beetles or "bran bugs," as they are often called, are beetles that attack stored-grain products or household foodstuffs.

Managing Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) Attacking Urban And ...

Beetles come into contact with and ingest the insecticide when boring through the bark. Previous studies have found that systemic insecticides are not effective against bark beetles.

Ground Beetles

Ground Beetles Fact Sheet No. 65 February 1989 Alan H. Roe Insect Diagnostician Ground beetles belong to the family Carabidae, which is considered to be one of the most beneficial insect families.


In coastal areas of Washington wood-infesting beetles cause extensive damage to wooden buildings. Damage often is overlooked, as these insects live in portions of the structure where people seldom see them.

The Golden Buprestid Beetle

So do not be surprised if these beetles show up in your house many years after it is built. Fortunately, the female beetle will not lay eggs on wood that is smooth and painted or varnished, ...

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