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Management of Waste Batteries

Page 1 of 5 Compliance Bulletin Hazardous Waste Management of Waste Batteries reviewed/revised August 2002 Why regulate waste batteries? Batteries may be hazardous wastes because they contain heavy metals and corrosive electrolyte solutions that are the source of their energy.


2 Generally, the commercial batteries available today, each produce 1.5 volts of energy. By attaching batteries in series, voltages of 6, 9 and 12 volts are achieved.


Batteries . Index of Report Contents . Lead-Acid Batteries - The Ubi. quitous Battery In Our Lives Legal and Regulatory Requireme. nts - A Brief Digression The Growth of Battery Powered Appliances - The Need for Rechargeab

Battery Functions

BATTERIES Page 18 © Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. All Rights Reserved. BATTERIES ASSIGNMENT NAME: 1. Describe the basic construction of a lead-acid battery. 2.


Additional Information Lead acid batteries and their plastic cases are recyclable. Contact your East Penn representative for recycling information.

Packaging Guidelines for Battery Shipments

Packaging Guidelines for Battery Shipments Follow these instructions to help ensure safe transportation of your battery shipments and your shipments with items containing batteries within the FedEx Express ® network.

Homemade Batteries #396

Homemade Batteries #396 There are many uses for homemade batteries cells. They are great for Emerge ncy home lighting, as well as running small motors etc..

Batteries (Other Types)

Potential Environmental Impacts With the increased production of hybrid cars, there are now different types of batteries to manage along with the more common lead acid batteries in vehicles.


Document No. 6-0101 Rev. C Page 3 of 36 SAFETY SUMMARY DANGER OF EXPLODING BATTERIES Lead acid batteries can produce explosive mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen.

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