Issue 2 Referendum

Microsoft Word - Issue 2 Final Ballot Language w title.docx. Issue 2 Referendum REFERENDUM ON NEW LAW RELATIVE TO GOVERNMENT UNION CONTRACTS AND OTHER GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS AND POLICIES A majority yes vote is necessary for Amended Substitute Senate Bill No. 5 to be approved.

Application for Absent Voter Ballot

Absent Voter Ballot Application/Ballot Selection Form . Application for absent voter ballot for the February 28, 2012 Presidential Primary . I, _____, a qualified and registered elector of the _____Precinct of the


SAMPLE STATE PROPOSALS STATE PROPOSALS Please scroll down to see the Sample Democratic Party Ballot Uncommitted (Write-In Space) Fred Thompson Tom Tancredo Mitt Romney Ron Paul John McCain Mike Huckabee Rudy Giuliani Sam Brownback Duncan Hunter PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Vote for not more ...

□Helena Brown □Brenda Stardig

SAMPLE BALLOT • SAMPLE BALLOT • SAMPLE BALLOT City of Houston December 10, 2011 - Run-Off Election CITY OF HOUSTON RUNOFF ELECTION COUNCIL MEMBER, DISTRICT A (Vote for none or one) □Helena Brown □Brenda Stardig COUNCIL MEMBER, DISTRICT B (Vote for none or one) □Alvin Byrd □Jerry ...

Issue 3 Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Microsoft Word - Issue 3 Final Ballot Language w TITLE.docx.

Amendments Proposed

HOUSE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION * Texas House of Representatives July 20, 2011 Number*82-6 * * Page Amendments Proposed for November 2011 Ballot C ONSTITUTIONAL Amending the Constitution ..... 2 Previous Election Results ...

Absentee Voting Application November 8, 2011 General Election

County ID#: _____ Application # _____ Ballot #: _____ Precinct # _____ BOARD USE ONLY Absentee Voting Application November 8, 2011 General Election WHOEVER COMMITS ELECTION FALSIFICATION IS GUILTY ...

ELECTION OFFICERS: Per Sec. 52.008 this document must be ...

No. 0000 Constitutional Amendment Election / Sample County, Texas November 8, 2011 / Sample Ballot / Elección Sobre Enmiendas A La Constitución / Condado De, Texas 8 de noviembre de 2011 Boleta De Muestra Instruction Note: Place an "X" in the square beside the statement indicating the way you ...


APPLICATION FOR ABSENTEE BALLOT NOTE : A separate absentee ballot application must be submitted to your county board of elections for each primary or election.

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