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Affordable $$ Audio Issue Seventeen: May 2007 Audio Magic Mini-Reference Power Conditioner By John Hoffman The use of power conditioners in home audio is a fascinating subject.

Affordable $$ Audio

Affordable $$ Audio Issue Fourteen: February 2007 Audio Nirvana Super 8 By John Hoffman Specifications: Cabinet style: Woodstyle WS803 Driver type: Audio Nirvana Super 8" Power Requirements: 5-30 Watts Frequency Response: 38-20k Sensitivity: 95db HWD: Price: DIY $340 ...

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Affordable $$ Audio Issue Twenty-Eight: April 2008 Audio Nirvana Super 12 Driver By John Hoffman [email protected] Specifications: For a complete list and graphs Please visit: Price: $198 pair, $248 cast frame T here are several ...

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Affordable $$ Audio Issue Twenty-Nine: May 2008 Audio Nirvana Super Eight DIY Loudspeaker System By Todd Arthur [email protected] Specifications: Frequency response: 37hz-20khz Efficiency: 98db Nominal Impedence; 8ohms Maximum wattage: 50 wpc Driver weight: 7.8lbs Price: $148 pr ...

Affordable $$ Audio

A Staff Member's View By Dan Nielsen [email protected] W ith our Editor Jeff Brown attending to some family details, I've decided to step into the breach and attempt to cover this space in Affordable$$Audio .

An Excellent Mix of Old and New

uring my last discussion with Dave Gordon from Audio Research about the SP-17 that he was sending us for review, he asked me if ...

Audio - Science in the Service of Art

1 Audio - Science in the Service of Art by Floyd E. Toole, Ph.D. Vice President Engineering, Harman International Senior Vice President Acoustical Engineering, JBL and Infinity INTRODUCTION Audio products must sound good.

Affordable $$ Audio

Affordable $$ Audio Issue Twenty-Five: January 2008 Monarchy Audio SE-250 mono block amplifier H2O Audio Signature 100 stereo amplifie r An Amplifier Comparison By Sean Fowler [email protected] Disclaimer: I've done my best to ensure that this review paints an accurate picture of ...

Vector-Aligned™ Stereo Phono Cartridge

Vector-Aligned stereo phono cartridges feature an original design patented by Audio-Technica around the world. The key to this mechanism is the two magnetic generators arranged in the shape of a "V".

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*CARDAS AUDIO: All Cardas interconnect and speaker cables are available except the Golden. The Hexlink and Quadlink are available as factory terminated pairs only,

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