A Case for Attribution Standards

A Case for Attribution Standards--- Draft Standards for Performance Attribution ---by David Spaulding The investment industry has seen standards developed for a couple areas: rates of return and performance presentation: In 1968, the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) put forward the first ...

Overview: Attribution Theory

Assessing Women in Engineering (AWE) Project 2005. Attribution Theory. AWE Research Overviews. Retrieved >date< from .

Performance Attribution Analysis

Preface Performance attribution interprets how investors achieve their performance and measures the sources of value added to a portfolio. This guide describes how returns, relative to a benchmark, are broken down into attribution effects to determine how investors achieve performance and ...

Performance Attribution Standards

EUROPEAN INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE COMMITTEE Performance Attribution Presentation Standards (PAPS) Draft Version 3.0. Section 1 – Introduction

A barrier to building a traffic safety culture in America:

Attribution: An introduction to theories, research and applications . Philadelphia: Psychology Press. Gidron, Y. , R. Gal, and H. S. Desevilya. 2003.


how values backfire: leadership, attribution, and disenchantment in a values-driven organization

Perseverance in Self-Perception and Social Perception: Biased ...

Indeed the specific attribution al biases that we have postulated may also play an important role in producing primacy effects by heightening the impact of initial information relative to later information.

The Processes of Causal Attribution1

The Processes of Causal Attribution 1 HAROLD H. KELLEY University of California, Los Angeles - This article summarizes and synthesizes my several papers on attribution theory (Kelley, 1967, 1971, 1972).

Verbs of Attribution: Going Beyond "So-and-so says…"

Undergraduate Writing Center, The University of Texas at Austin UWC website: Handout created by the Handouts Project Group, Spring 2003 Last revised by Zach Floca, July 2003 Verbs of Attribution: Going Beyond "So-and-so says…"

LEARNING OUTCOMES - Attribution Theory and Motivation ...

147 CHAPTER 7 Attribution Theory and Motivation Paul Harvey, PhD, and Mark J. Martinko, PhD LEARNING OUTCOMES After completing this chapter, the student should be able to understand:

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