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DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY U.S. Customs and Border Protection OMB No. 1651-0111 OMB No. 1651-0111 OMB No. 1651-0111 CBP Form I-94 (05/08) CBP Form I-94 (05/08) CBP Form I-94 (05/08) STAPLE HERE See Other Side Admission Number Arrival Record 000000000 00 Admission Number Departure Record ...

Preparing Children for Kindergarten: Arrival

1 Rimm-Kaufman, Pianta, and Cox reported in 2000 that 40% of young children were simply unprepared for the demands of kindergarten classrooms. Recent interviews with kindergarten teachers and elementary school principals in Indiana suggest this statistic holds true a decade later.


CAMP RIPLEY ARCHERY SEASON Cooperation with these rules and instructions will ensure an enjoyable and safe hunt for everyone involved. 2011 HUNT RULES, WITH INSTRUCTIONS FOR ARRIVAL

Parent Pack

© Disney Help make your child's Arrival Day unforgettable! Door Decorations Assemble the sheets included to say "Fly with You," a traditional Fairy greeting.

Celebrating 100 Years of Naval Aviation

Table of Contents FLIGHT PROCEDURES EFFECTIVE July 22 - August 1, 2011 Preflight Planning..... 1 VFR Route Planning Guide..... 2-3 Fisk VFR Arrival to OSH..... 4-7 FISK VFR Arrival Runway Paths..... 8-12 Oshkosh Airport Notes ...

1.1. Arrival, registration and tagging 1.2. Pre-workshop ...

2 Interpersonal Communication and Counseling Manual HIV & AIDS We acknowledge the contributions of the following staff and consultants of Family Health International in the com


This notice informs the PPQ Office of the arrival of a restricted article at a port of entry. FORM APPROVED The information is used to schedule required inspections.


ARRIVAL IN KOREA ption Area (JRC) will be th 2. Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport all must process through). 3. After processing through Customs all personnel must exit from that area to ght turn and proceed to the far end of the building.

Alive on Arrival: Tips for Safe Emergency Vehicle Operations

As An Emergency Vehicle Passenger • Always put on protective clothi ng before getting in an emerg ency vehicle. • Always ride seated in the inter ior of the emergency vehicle with your seatbelt fastened.

The Arrival

TEACHER NOTES © The Arrival Teacher Notes 2008 1 The Arrival Based on the book by Shaun Tan TEACHER NOTES The Arrival & the Curriculum Framework Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has created these teacher notes to assist teachers in preparing their class for their visit to a production.

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