Apache POI - the Java API for

Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents by Andrew C. Oliver, Glen Stampoultzis, Avik Sengupta, Rainer Klute, David Fisher 1. 17 December 2011 - POI 3.8 beta 5 available


Welcome to Apache™ Hadoop™!

Welcome to Apache™ Hadoop™! Page 2 Copyright © 2011 The Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved. 1 What Is Apache Hadoop? The Apache™ Hadoop™ project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable,


Apache::* modules

1.1Description Overview of some of the most popular modules for mod_perl, both to use directly from your code and as mod_perl handlers. Over the time, mod_perl has collected an impressive amount of modules which are distributed in the standard Perl way, over CPAN.


Thrift: Scalable Cross-Language Services Implementation

Thrift services implemented in PHP havealsobeen embedded into the Apache web server, pro vid-ingtransparent back end access to many of ourfrontend constructs using a THttpClient implementation of the TTransportinter-face.


Junit Sampler Tutorial

Junit Sampler Tutorial This tutorial attempts to explain the basic design, functionality and usage of the new Junit Sampler for Jmeter. The sampler was introduced in 2.1.2 release of Jmeter.


Apache Isis Wicket Viewer Customization, Configuration and ...

iii Preface ..... v 1.


Apache Maven

1 What is Maven? 1 ©2011, The Apache Software Foundation • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1What is Maven?..... 1.1 Introduction Maven, a Yiddish word meaning accumulator of ...


Desktop Reference

Papersize: (US letter) Cropmarks: (AWL repro) Apache Desktop Reference www. apache ref. com RalfS. Engelschall Apache Software Foundation Addison-Wesley Boston SanFrancisco New York Toronto Montreal London Munich Paris Madrid Capetown Sydney Tokyo Singapore Mexico City


Apache County Public Health Services District Annual Report

3 Introduction: On July 1, 2007 the Apache County Public Health Services District (ACPHSD) was formed by the Apache County Board of Supervisors. This was the third year for the operation of the ACPHSD.


How to Write a plugin for JMeter

After a two weeks of coding on my free time, I had a working prototype using Apache Soap driver. I submitted it back to JMeter and mike asked me if I want to be a committer.


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