the right connection

3 Founded in 1974, Amico Corporation is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment serving the global healthcare industry. Amico is dedicated to continued growth, and gaining a reputation of a single source solution for medical equipment needs.

outlet retro-fit ohmeda diamond 1 to Amico

Corporation the right connection outlet retro-fit ohmeda diamond 1 to Amico specifications features project The medical gas Retro-Fit outlet shall be an Amico Alert-1 series.

AMICO Public Access Catalog Specification 4/25/01 1 AMICO Public Access Catalog Specification Version 2 April 24, 2001 This document specifies the functional and information content limitations that pertain to any offering of access to unlicensed users of the AMICO Library and the terms for offering such access.

architectural Concepts guide

> iii telephone: 205 787 2611 > 1 Contents Who we are page 1 What is Expanded Metal? page 2 What is Perforated Metal? page 3 What is Grating? pages 4-5 Solar Screening pages 6-7 Balustrades pages 8-9 Structural Support pages 10-11 Ceilings pages 12-15 Cladding pages 16-19 ...

AMICO Staffing Proposal: 1999-2000

AMICO Executive Committee Meeting July 29, 1999 Attachment 20 AMICO Staffing Proposal: 1999-2000 Executive Director Jennifer Trant will continue to serve as Executive Director.

Anchoring Details

64 64 64 Anchoring Details Type H-3 Saddle Clip The saddle clip bridges two bearing bars and is attached with 1/4" self-tapping bolt, 1/4" self threader, 1/4" weld stud or 1/4" bolt and nut when hole is drilled through supporting flange.


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1 RICHARD A. D'AMICO, MD, PA P ATIENT C ONSENT FOR U SE AND D ISCLOSURE OF P ROTECTED H EALTH I NFORMATION I hereby give my consent for Richard A. D'Amico, MD, PA, to use and disclose protected health information (PHI) about me to carry out treatment, payment and healthcare operations (TPO).

Specialty Products ALABAMA METAL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION 800/366-2642 Specialty Products 16 GALVANIZED COLD ROLLED CHANNEL 16 gage galvanized cold rolled channel is used in the forming of suspended ceiling grids for lath and plaster applications.

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