1.0 Why Aluminium? In its 100 year history aluminium has had an unparalleled impact on the built environment. Since the sheathing of the cupola of the San Gioacchino Church in Rome in 1897, aluminium has risen to prominence among specifiers through landmark projects, such as the curtain walling ...

Environmental Health Guidance Note - Aluminium

Aluminium 1/4 INTRODUCTION USES OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE Aluminium is a ubiquitou s element in the environment, comprising8%of the earth's crust. It is alight weight, silvery white, soft, malleable metal, derived from the refining and smelting of cryolite and bauxite ore.

Theoretical and Current practice benchmarks for energy use in ...

U.S. Energy Requirements for Aluminum Production Historical Perspective, Theoretical Limits and Current Practices Prepared for Industrial Technologies Program Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy U.S. Department of Energy February 2007

Aluminium Recycling in Europe

2 Contents Preface 1. Recycling: a Cornerstone of Aluminium Sustainability 4 KeyPlayers in Recycling Recycled Aluminium: an ImportantRawMaterial for the EU-25 2.

Carbon Footprint Guidance Document

Carbon Footprint Guidance Document Position Paper 1 General Increasingly suppliers of aluminium semis and finished products are faced with customer requests asking for the "Carbon Footprint" of the offered products in order to determine how far they contribute to climate change.


01 Aluminium Rio Tinto Alcan fact sheet Cover Storage of aluminium T-ingots Left Shipping of aluminium T-bar ingots at Alma Works, Quebec, Canada. Our aluminium business Building on more than a century of experience and expertise, Rio Tinto Alcan is a global leader in the aluminium industry.


OECD GLOBAL FORUM ON . ENVIRONMENT. Focusing on. SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS MANAGEMENT. 25-27 October 2010, Mechelen, Belgium. Materials Case Study 2: Aluminium

(Lecture 1, Aluminium

Fig. 1: Materials used in the manufacture of atypical 2000 model year family sedan in North America. Journal of Metals, 54 (2002) 42-50. Austin Mini1959 BMW Mini 2001 Weight/kg 587 1050 Maximum power/bhp 37 90 Maximum speed/mph 72 115 Power/weight ratio/bhpkg ยก1 0.063 0.086 Fuel consumption/mpg ...

Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for ...

WHO/SDE/WSH/03.04/53 English only Aluminium in Drinking-water Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality _____ Originally published in Guidelines for drinking-water quality , 2nd ed. Addendum to Vol. 2.

Chemical Processes in New Zealand

I-Chemicals-F-Aluminium Sulfate-1 THE MANUFACTURE OF ALUMINIUM SULFATE Aluminium sulfate, Al 2 (SO 4) 3, is widely used by industry in New Zealand. Its most common applications are in the pulp and paper industry and in the purification of water.

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