Get Out and Stay Alive: A Program for College Campus and ...

"We're all like a big family here, and it feels like we lost part of our family. "The words of Sarah, a student at Greenville College, Illinois talking about Joel Pierce, a music major who died in a dorm fi re eleven days before he was to marry his college sweetheart.


ECO-OK ECO-WORST. Y o ur seafood choices matter! Not all seafood is created equal. Unfortunately many popular seafood items are fi shed or farmed in environ-mentally destructive ways.

Cell Word Puzzle #1

Cell Word Puzzle #1 ©Quill Graphics Across 2. water fearing 6. filaments of a dynamic skeleton 8. cell waste dump 12. nine fused microtubules at the core of animal 13. everything in the "kitchen sink" except the nucleus 14. this stack of thylakoids catches the light 15. these ...

Be Alive. Be Very Alive.

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CELLS alive ! Library of Stock Video

CELLS alive! Video Library Page 1 of 12 CELLS alive ! Library of Stock Video The following video clips are available for educational use in both VHS and CDROM format and can be purchased through and Yahoo!

Alive on Arrival: Tips for Safe Emergency Vehicle Operations

As An Emergency Vehicle Passenger • Always put on protective clothi ng before getting in an emerg ency vehicle. • Always ride seated in the inter ior of the emergency vehicle with your seatbelt fastened.


Name: Grade: Music Teacher: The symbols for dynamics in a piece of music tell you how loudly or softly to play.

A r e Viruses Alive

Are Viruses Alive? BY LUIS P. VILLARREAL LUIS P. VILLARREAL is director of the Center for Virus Research at the University of California, Irvine.

"Can do" spirit has made Spay/Neuter Clinic a reality

Pets ALIVE Paw Print Ending Pet Overpopulation in South-Central Indiana Fall 2005 A key ingredient in Pets ALIVE S/N Clinic's "recipe for success" is our unique Transport Outreach Program.

Dunkerton 5K Run/Walk

Date Signature of parent or guardian if under 18 years of age. Mail form and entry fee to: Ryan Nesbit, 3210 SW 29th St., Ankeny, IA 50023 Name Address T-shirt Size: S M L XL 2X 3X available for an additional $1.00 Age on race day Sex Date Signature In consideration of acceptance of this entry ...

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