Activity 1 Alike, But Not the Same Focus

Activity 1 . Alike, But Not the Same Focus: Students conduct a classwide inventory of human traits, construct his­ tograms of the data they collect, and play a brief game that introduces the

FDAandISMP Listsof Look ...

InstituteforSafe MedicationPractices InstituteforSafeMedicationPractices hesetsoflook-alikedrugnamesintheTablesbelowhavebeen modifiedusing“tallman”letterstohelpdrawattentiontothe

look-alike, Sound-alike medication names

referenceS: Lambert BL et al. Similarity as a risk factor in drug-name confusion errors. Medical Care, 1999, 37(12):1214-1225. McCoy LK. Look-alike, sound-alike drugs review: include look-alike packaging as an additional safety check.

Alike or Different?

activity ©2006 Scholastic Inc. Teachers may make copies of this page to distribute to their students. Alike or Different? Name: _____ Date: _____ Compare and Contrast The Appleton Twins September 2006 Calef Brown's poem "The Appleton Twins" describes two very different twin ...

THE VALUE OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES A Comprehensive Research ...

We hope that LIS researchers and practicing librarians alike will find that the research agenda (pg. 102-140) provides fodder for thought as you plan your next research

SP’s may attend as guests of the program.

Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment BTSA Induction Grade-Alike Meetings Grade-Alike meetings are gatherings by grade level or specialty area held after school hours.

Quadrilateral Questions 1. How many sides does a ...

List three ways a rectangle and a square are alike. A rectangle and a square both have four sides, both have two pairs of parallel sides, and both have four 90-degree angles.

PIN 2009-06 FQHC Look-Alike Guidelines and Application

PIN 2009-06: Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike Guidelines and Application Frequently Asked Questions Last Updated 08/23/2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Re: Letter of Interest for Designation as a Federally ...

FQHC Look-Alike designation will create capacity to provide an additional 45,000 visits. The overall goal for achieving FQHC Look-Alike status is to continue to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate primary medical care, ...

SafetyFirst Alert

2 Dispensing Errors Dispensing errors can occur when look-alike names appear on the selection screen during computer order entry. They may also occur as items are selected from the storage bins for distribution.

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