American Language Course Placement Test

i PREFACE This September 2009 edition of the Handbook for the American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) provides information and instructions for obtaining, administering, scoring, interpreting, and controlling the ALCPT.

ALCPT Request Form

DLIELC ALCPT Request Form Requestor's Name : Email: Date: Country: Organization Doing the Testing: Commercial phone #: DSN prefix (if applicable): Your purpose (s) for ALCPT testing: Specific versions of ALCPT now owned: Specific ALCPTs now requested (max 10): Test Control Officer (TCO) for the ...


ECL tests (0-100 points; test the same skills as ALCPT) at the US Embassy are used for the personnel that have been chosen to attend courses in the USA in accordance to the International Military Education and Training (IMET) program.

Memory strategy instruction, contextual learning and ESP ...

Students were assigned to their classes following the randomized matching method based on their ALCPT scores. At the time of the study, ...

Army Foreign Language Program

SUMMARY of CHANGE AR 11-6 Army Foreign Language Program This major revision, dated 31 August 2009--o Changes the requirement for the Army Language and Cultural Enterprise to meet quarterly (para 1-5). o Makes significant changes to chapter 5.

Summary of Changes

USMEPCOM Regulation 611-1 Summary of Changes USMEPCOM Regulation 611-1, June 6, 2006 Personnel Selection and Classification Enlistment Qualification Tests Specifically, this revision— • Adds requirement for the military entrance processing station (MEPS) test control officer (TCO) to ensure ...


Both ALCPT or CESRS ** No Waiver on Written Test or Conversation Competency ** RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT ...

United States Army Officer Candidate School

Achieve a score of 80 or higher on the English Comprehension Level Test (ECLT)/American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) if the applicant's primary language is other than English. h.

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A score below 50 on the ECLT/ALCPT shall not be waived for enrollment at DLIELC. Must achieve an OPI rating of 2 or better in English, ...

FY09 USA BILC Report

Testing personnel are investigating the viability of an on-line, computer-adaptive ALCPT which will reduce the amount of time needed for testing and replace the need for pencil and paper testing.

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