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Reprinted from United News, © 2003-2004 ALCOHOLISM What You Need to Know • How to Help ■ Why is there a need for alcoholism information in the Church? by Larry J. Walker Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths annually, making it the third leading cause of preventable death in the ...

Alcoholics Anonymous and the Disease Concept of Alcoholism

This paper looks at the medical view of alcoholism as a disease. This concept was important to the development of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Chronic Physical Effects of Alcoholism

Chronic Physical Effects of Alcoholism There is no doubt as to the serious medical complications caused by alcoholism. Alcoholism is currently listed as the third leading cause of death in our society.

Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2012

How do I know if Al-Anon could help me? We can easily recognize how alcohol affects the drinker. It's not as easy for family and friends to recognize how the drinker's behavior has affected them.

Alcoholism: Disease by Choice

Charity Blanchard English 102 Third prize winner in Division One (100 level courses) Clean and Sober Visualize your idea of an alcoholic. What does he or she look like?

Alcoholism, whether viewed as a disease or as aberrant ...

256 10 MSU J OURNAL OF M EDICINE AND L AW 255 (2006) 1. The view of alcoholism as a disease underlies the twelve-step approach to alcoholism treatment.

Alcoholism Making a Difference Today

Alcoholism Making a Difference Today Excess consumption of alcohol can ruin a person's health, family life, and career. It also makes the world more dangerous for the rest of society.


1 JELLINEK PHASES: THE PROGRESSIVE SYMPTOMS OF ALCOHOLISM The behavioral characteristics of the alcoholic are progressive as is the person's tolerance to alcohol and as is the course of the disease itself.

Alcoholism and Firefighters: An Intervention Strategy

ALCOHOLISM AND FIREFIGHTERS: AN INTERVENTION STRATEGY EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP By: Mark I. Piland Virginia Beach Fire Department Virginia Beach, Virginia An applied research project submitted to the National Fire Academy as part of the Executive Fire Officer Program.


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