Copy Of masterlepcmembers 1/12/2012 Page 1 Email TOWN EPC REGIO N LASTNAME FIRSTNAM E TITLE AFFILIATI O ADDRESS CITY ZIP [email protected] WORKPHONE


The Templeton Funds follow the investment management principles established by their founder and former chairman, Sir JohnTempleton, who retired and has had no affiliati on with these Funds since 1993.

9th Annual Parkview Research Symposium

Name Title Address City State ZIP Home phone Work phone Employer/Affiliati on Department E-mail address Work fax (complete other side) Parkview Health 10501 Corporate Drive Fort Wayne, IN 4 68 45 Return Service Requested Fort Wayne Medical Education Program and Parkview Hospital present the 9 th Annual Parkview Research Symposium ...


WSG 1/08 WASHINGTON SEA GRANT PROGRESS REPORT for the period 2/1 1/200 7 – 1/31/200 8 WSG Project Number: R/A - 85 Project Title: Culturing native marine shellfish: effects of life history parameters on sustainability (Geoduck) Principal Investigator(s) and Affiliati on ...

Using a Smartphone Application for Customer - Centric Bank ing

This approach enables the integration of banks into their customers’ lifestyle, creating emotional value added, improving the personal relationship and the customer s ’ affiliati on with the bank.

2007 Men’s Soccer Facts

TEAM Affiliati. ons • NJCAA Division III • Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference Coache: s • Nick Cosentino – head (2yrs) • Ken Wolf – assistant (2yrs)

Build the Future

... DOE-Michael Luft* Family ChildCare-Sue Williamson NJAEYC-Lorraine Cook e PINJ-Theresa Caput o, Aimee Gelnaw* Southeast Regional Key-Debra L. La wrence * Over they ears tha t the QRIS sub committee worked together, these mem berschanged career positions. We have listed them with their original affiliati ons.

DBSA Peer Specialist Training

DBSA Peer Specialist training is delivered in affiliati on with Appalachian Consulting Group, Inc. , innovators oft he Georgia Certified Peer Specialist Project that pi on eer ed Med icaid-billable peer support services.


Iconfirmthat I do not have an affiliati on with any highschool or college program. Photo identificationrequir ed. Must be signed in the presence of clinic personnel.


... first name_____ profession _____ highest profession al degree _____ specialty _____ institutional affiliati on ...

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