What Is Addiction?

What Is Addiction? Henry R. Kranzler, M.D., and Ting-Kai Li, M.D. H ENRY R. K RANZLER , M.D., is professor of psychiatry, associate scientific director of the Alcohol Research Center, and pro­ gram director of the Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., General Clinical Research Center, University of ...


What do I hate about my addictio. n? What bad things does it do to me and to . others? (give specific examples) What do I think I won’t like about giving

Women, Addiction, and Sexuality

1 Women, Addiction, and Sexuality by Stephanie S. Covington, Ph. D. , L. C. S. W. Co-director, Institute for Relational Development L. Straussner and E. Zelvin, eds , Gender Issues in Addiction: Men and Women in Treatment, Jason Aronson, 1997 WOMEN, ADDICTION, AND SEXUALITY Although research has ...

Recovery and Mental Illness chapter

Recovery from Addiction and From Mental Illness: Shared and Contrasting Lessons William White, MA, Michael Boyle, MA, and David Loveland, PhD. In Ruth Ralph and Pat Corrigan, Eds. Recovery in Mental Illness: Broadening our understanding of wellness .

Oregon Alcohol & Other Drug Services Directory

Change of Information Request Form Please submit this form to your Addiction and Mental Health Division (AMH) Regional Coordinator TODAY'S DATE: Your Name: ...

Depression, Suicide, and Addiction

Depression, Suicide, and Addiction Butler Center for researCh MARCH 2000 researCh up DA te Research update is published by the Butler Center for Research to share significant scientific findings from the field of addiction treatment research.

Regional Mental Health Center http://www.regionalmentalhealth ...

Statewide Detoxification and Residential Addiction Services Life Spring Inc. and Regional Mental Health have been selected to provide statewide detoxification and

Alcohol, the Brain, and Behavior

Alcohol, the Brain, and Be h a v i o r Mechanisms of Addiction The actions of alcohol that cause intoxication, initiate and maintain excessive drinking behavior, and promote relapse during abstinence occur primarily in the brain.

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