An unidentified American soldier was buried in

Reading Comprehension/History/Holidays Name _____ Date _____ © The celebration of Veterans Day is held on November 11 th every year in the United States.

The letter A.

Color the picture. Write the letter on the line. ©2000-2008 The letter N. N as in nurse shark. Nn _____

Mathematics Vocabulary

addend array array diagram associative average bar graph base User-created with abctools™ for home and classroom use only. Graphics and format ©2000-2006 abcteach® May not be sold/redistributed without permission

You wake up one morning

Copyright 2001 Name: _____ The "Mini-Story!" Another thing that you can do to make an essay more interesting is to add a "mini-story" to one of your reasons.


NAME_____ DATE_____ Linda Owens abcteach.com2002 1 SAMUEL F.B. MORSE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS: 1. The third paragraph of this article is mainly about _.

Write about one of these emotions, and relate it to your own ...

... _____ _____ _____ Copyright 2002. Mapping the Scene Trumpet of the Swan Draw a map of the Sam's campsite and the pond where the swans were. Add the characters from the story. Make a map key. Map Key Copyright 2002 ...


Reading Comprehension/ Biography _____ ©2008 HELEN KELLER On June 27 th, 1880, a baby girl was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Boardmaker - Show 'n tell Au

©2003 Speaking of, Inc. All rights reserved. Made with Boardmaker. ©Mayer-Johnson Company. Used wtih permission. Boardmaker - Show 'n tell Au

Endangered Animals Unit

Academic standards: Map skills, scientific method, food webs, nonfiction Endangered Animals Unit

Thomas Edison

abcteach abcteach. 3 rd (7) Thomas Edison Thomas Alva Edison lit up the world with his invention of the electric light. Without him, the world might still be a dark place.

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