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The three steps are: 1: write out the formula: 1M = 1MW(g)/1000ml 2: plug in the numbers & scale it up on the Molarity: 5 M = 5 (58.44)g /1000ml & work out the calculations: 5M = 292.2g/1000ml 3: scale to the final volume by dividing by 10: 5M = 29.22g/100ml Write out the description in the ...



You have a solution of 50,000Units/1000mL. How many gtt/min should the patient receive, using a 60gtt/mL set? 15. The order is to add 30,000Units heparin to 1000mL D5W and infuse at 30mL/hr.


A New Concept in Lab Filtration Apparatus!

Complete Filtration Apparatus — 47mm ♠ Description * Size Order Code Each Includes: 1000mL Filter Flask w/Ace-Thred top, & #7 Ace-Thred & Ace-Safe 47mm 3702-10 353.78 connector, Nylon Adapter w/#25 Ace-Thred bottom, & #50 Ace-Thred top, nylon ring 25mm Porosity B (70-100 micron) fritted disc ...


Nur 211 Math Requirements Sample Problems

Using the Nomagram in your text, line up height and weight to arrive at 1.8 m 2 or BSA a.) mL = 1 mL x 40 mg x 1.8 m 2 = 1.44ml 50 mg m 2 b.) ml = 1000ml = 42 ml hr 24hr hr 11.



Tryptone Bile Glucuronic agar (TBX) Formulation: Tryptone 20g Bile salts No. 3 1.5g 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl b-D-glucuronic acid (BCIG) 0.075g (if cyclohexylammonium salt is used, otherwise use 144 moles) Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) 3ml Agar No 3 15g Deionised water to 1000ml Dissolve the BCIG in the DMSO.


Hand Hygiene Compliance Program

MSC9950 Dispenser for 800/1000ml bags-white 6/cs MSC9951 Dispenser for 800/1000ml bags-black 6/cs MEDAUTO Automatic dispenser for 800/1000ml bags 6/cs



PRACTICE MATH FOR NURSING 333 1 PRACTICE MATH FOR NURSING 333 Instructor: Tricia Wickers Know the following equivalents : Metric Apothecary Approximate both systems 1L = 1000mL 1T=3t 1g=gr15 1gram=1000mg 1cup=8oz gr1=60mg 1mg=1000mcg or 0.0001g 1pound=16oz 1t=5mL 1kg=1000grams 1oz=30mL 1 unit ...


1000ml Glass Syringe

sales @ tomopal.com www.tomopal.com Tel: 916.429.7240 Fax: 916.429.2701 7485 Rush River Drive Suite 710-322 Sacramento, CA 95831 Terms & Conditions ® Tomopal Part # 140-5750 Piston Outside Diameter: 88.00 mm ± 0.25 mm D1) Barrel Diameter Outside: 100.00 mm ± 6.75 mm D2) Barrel Collar Diameter ...


Lesson 3: Calculations used when compounding medications

X I can use the current bag for infusion I cannot use the current bag for infusion There is currently 80% of the liter left, so in theory there should be 10mEq x 80% or 8mEq of KCl left in the patient's bag. 20 + 8 mEq x 1000ml = 35 mEq this is below the 40mEq/L max, so OK 800ml ...


Abbott General I.V. Solutions

Sodium Chloride 0.9% Irrigation, USP for Preparing and Dispensing Sterile Slush Order # Size (mL) UOM HCPCS TR2B7231 1000mL 6/cs N/A Water Sterile Injection USP Order # Size (mL) Container Type UOM HCPCS TR2B0304 1000mL Viaflex 12/cs N/A TR2B0306 2000mL Viaflex 6/cs N/A Water Sterile Irrigation, USP 1000mL Viaflex Bag In ...


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