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Form P2 ZIMBABWE REVENUE AUTHORITY Return For The Remittance Of P.A.Y.E (Please fill in this form in duplicate, submit original to ZIMRA and retain duplicate copy.)


Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

In introducing these changes zimra has the interests of legitimate traders in mind at ... Item information boxes on the continuation forms bear the same identification system


2011 California Form 587

OR write to: TAX FORMS REQUEST UNIT MS F284 FRANCHISE TAX BOARD PO BOX 307 RANCHO CORDOVA CA 95741-0307 For all other questions unrelated to withholding or to access the TTY/TDD numbers, see the information below .



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Impact of Intranet as a knowledge sharing tool: experiences ...

A study was conducted to assess the impact of the Intranet in knowledge sharing at the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) ... internal phone list and requisition forms.


J3059 - English passport

They will provide you with the relevant information and forms (see page 16 for embassy/consulate contact details or go to www.SafeMigrationZimbabwe.com ). ... Check the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority's website on www.zimra.co.zw , or ask for their brochures at the border posts before you pass through.


Zimbabwean Companies Participate in the Africa's Big Seven ...

These laws are administered by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), ...  An application letter justifying the need for exporting the product  CD1 acquittal forms if previously exported  Proof of income tax payments (tax clearance certificate)  Proof of Standards Developments Fund ...


Comprehensive Investment Guide To Zimbabwe

Unincorporated entities The most widely used unincorporated forms are the sole proprietorship and the partnership. ... Specific duty rates are quoted in the Tariff Handbook available at ZIMRA Page 13 of 16.


Zimbabwe Mission Report to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade ...

... ..... 6 F ZIMRA ... situation for Zimbabwe. 2.5 Zambia Revenue Authority has tried to counteract the informal trading by demanding CD1 forms ...



shares are unlisted, has to be paid to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) before a tax clearance certificate can ... All property of a Zimbabwe ordinary resident wherever situated forms part of the estate assets which are subject to duty.


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