Professor Xiang Zhang

Professor Xiang Zhang (Brief Biography) Xiang Zhang is the inaugural Ernest S. Kuh Endowed Chaired Professor at UC Berkeley and the Director of NSF Nano-scale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC).


Jinfeng Zhang

Jinfeng Zhang CONTACT INFORMATION Room 106E OSB Dept of Statistics, Florida State Univ. 107 N Woodward Ave, PO Box 3064330 Tallahassee, FL 32306 Phone: 850-644-3218 Fax: 850-644-5271 E-mail: [email protected] WWW: http://stat.fsu.edu/~jinfeng EDUCATION University of Illinois at Chicago ...


Dr. Xinghang Zhang

1 Dr. Xinghang Zhang Texas A&M University Tel: 979 -845-2143 (O) Department of Mechanical Engineering Fax: 979-862-2418 College Station, Texas 77843-3123 Email: [email protected]



My parents, Xinmin Zhang and Xiuxia Wang, brought me up as a righteous person. They did their best to support me through my education, both physically


Polymer optics

Polymer optics Rui Zhang Optics 521 Nov.14, 2007 Introduction: Nowadays polymer optics has been widely used in different fields. Compared with the glass material, the polymer has lower density and much cheaper price although it also has some obvious limitations.


Topological field theory of topological insulators and ...

• Murakami, Nagaosa & Zhang 2004: Spin Hall insulator with spin-orbit coupled band structure. • Kane and Mele, Bernevig and Zhang 2005: ...


Distribution of Time-Energy Entanglement over 100 km fiber ...

Distribution of Time-Energy Entanglement over 100 km fiber using superconducting single-photon detectors Qiang Zhang 1, Hiroki Takesue 2, Sae Woo Nam 3, Carsten Langrock 1, Xiuping Xie 1, Burm Baek 3, M. M. Fejer 1, and Yoshihisa Yamamoto 1,4 1 Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University ...


Thinking styles and the big five personality traits revisited

In an attempt to join the debate, Zhangandher colleague ( Zhang, 2002a, 2002b; Zhang& Huang, 2001 ) investigated the relationships between thinking styles as defined in Sternberg's ...


Yanwei (Wayne) Zhang

Yanwei (Wayne) Zhang Contact Information Address: 1380 EHydeParkBlvdApt 215, Chicago, IL-60615 Phone: (773) 220-0203 Website: http://www.actuaryzhang.com Email: actuary zhang@hotmail.com Education The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, M.S., Statistics, 2009.


The Effect of High-Frequency Trading on Stock Volatility and ...

The Effect of High-Frequency Trading on Stock Volatility and Price Discovery X. Frank Zhang Yale University School of Management (203) 432-7938 frank.zhang@yale.edu November 2010 I received many helpful comments from Nicholas Barberis, Bill Beaver, Martijn Cremers, Terry Hendershott, Jonathan ...


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