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You may need urgent medical attention. Take the pack of ZETOP with you if you can. Keep telephone numbers for these places handy. Side effects



ZETOP Cetirizine hydrochloride 10 mg tablets Presentation White to off-white round film-coated tablets. ... Adverse Effects The more commonly observed untoward events reported during cetirizine administration and not associated with an equivalent incidence ...


Anti histamines

Where one patient may experience relief and no side effects, another may find the side effects intolerable. ... Acrivastin Semprex* Cetirizine Zyrtec* Zetop* Syrup Adco-Cetirizine* Sandoz-Cetirizine* Allermine* Texa* Allecet* Desloratadine Deselex* Loratadine Clarityne* ...


Runny Nose

Other side effects include dizziness, blurred vision, insomnia, tremors, nausea and dry mouth. ... 10mg once daily Austell Cetirizine ®, Cetirizine-Hexal ®, • 2-5 years: 5mg daily (or twice daily) Sandoz Cetirizine ®, Texa ®, Zetop ®, Zyrtec ® ...


New Zealand Pharmaceutical Schedule

Atomoxetine will be available under Special Authority restrictions for people who have not responded to, have experienced side effects from, or are unable to ... Pack size Sole Subsidised Supply brand (and supplier) Amlodipine Tab 5 mg and 10 mg Apo-Amlodipine (Apotex NZ Ltd) Cetrizine hydrochloride Tab 10 mg Zetop ...


Pharmac Update July 2011

... Docetaxel Ebewe and Baxter) ini 20 mg, 80 mg and inj 1 mg for ECP • Anastrozole (DP-Anastrozole) tab 1 mg • Cetirizine hydrochloride (Zetop ... Both: 1 Patient has partial-onset epilepsy; and 2 Seizures are not adequately controlled by, or patient has experienced unacceptable side effects from ...


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897937Beclometasone Aqueous Clenil aqueous 200 dose 50MCG AQS 712764 Cetirizine Zetop 10mg 10mg TAB Clinical motivation required if used with inhaled steroid ... diuretic is not recommended, especially in patients with abdominal obesity and hypertension, as both classes of drugs have adverse metabolic effects and ...


OTC Products Antihistamines

Where one patient may experience relief and no side effects, another may find the side effects intolerable. ... Acrivastin Semprex ® Cetirizine Zyrtec ® Zetop ® Syrup Adco-Cetirizine ®, Sandoz-Cetirizine ® Allermine ® Texa ® Allecet ® Desloratadine Deselex ® Loratadine ...


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