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ZEMAX Development Corporation 4901 Morena Blvd., Suite 207 San Diego, California 92117-7320 USA Tel: (858) 490-2844 Fax: (858) 490-2836 E-Mail: sales@zemax.com www.zemax.com ZEMAX ® Software for optical design Lens Design Illumination and CAD Import Non-Sequential Fiber Systems Scattering and ...


Optical Systems Design with Zemax

February 4, 2010 Optical Systems Design 9 Getting started  Download a copy of Zemax from www.zemax.com/downloads  CfAI members can use the shared license server on elservidor.


Instructions for Installing Zemax

Instructions for Installing Zemax First, download and install the Sentinel Key Driver. Second, download and install the latest version of Zemax Update.


ZEMAX Users' Knowledge Base - http://www.zemax.com/kb How to ...

ZEMAX Users' Knowledge Base - http://www.zemax.com/kb How to Talk to ZEMAX from MatLab http://www.zemax.com/kb/articles/82/1/How-to-Talk-to-ZEMAX-from-MatLab


lens design prisms light engines lens arrays physical optics ...

What is ZEMAX? ZEMAX is powerful, accurate and easy to use software for all aspects of optical system design. ZEMAX is the software that optical engineers and designers around the world choose for lens


ZEMAX Release Notes

(Home) Updates ZEMAX Release Notes November 25, 2003 New Features 1. The maximum number of configurations is now 160. 2. Toroidal lenses are now supported by the "Convert to NSC" tool.


James E. Harvey, Instructor - 2.0 ZEMAX

FALL Semester 2010THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA OSE 6265 2.0 ZEMAX James E. Harvey, Instructor 2.0


How to use ProSource Data with ZEMAX?

ProSource-Light Source Software / ZEMAX - Optical Design Software Radiant Imaging provides ProSource™ software that enables the optical and illumination system engineer to view and analyze Radiant Source Models™ in a variety of ways, as well as generate ray sets that can be utilized with ...


Optical software investigation

Zemax (7/10) and Optalix (7/10) are used as references in the comments bellow. OSLO (8/10): Seems similar to Zemax and Optalix in interface handiness and performances ; as Zemax and Optalix, it includes all the usual ray tracing tools, optimization, sequential and non-sequential design, and macro ...


Tutorial: Thermal Modeling in Zemax

Tutorial: Thermal Modeling in Zemax Heidi Warriner, Opti 521, 10-31-2010 Contents Introduction .....2 Design Parameters ...


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