Zarit Burden Interview


THE ZARIT BURDEN INTERVIEW. THE ZARIT BURDEN INTERVIEW Please circle the response the best describes how you feel.

Validation of the Chinese Version of the Zarit Burden Interview

Chinese Version of the Zarit Burden Interview 9 Hong Kong J Psychiatry 2005, Vol 15, No.1 Hong Kong J Psychiatry 2005;15:9-13 Original Article Dr Teresa Sau-Fan Chan, FHKCPsych, FHKAM (Psychiatry), Department of Psychiatry, Tai Po Hospital, Tai Po, Hong Kong, China.

Validity and Reliability of the Zarit Burden Interview in ...

758 Annals Academy of Medicine Validation of Zarit Burden Interview-Boon Kheng Seng et al Original Article Abstract Introduction: This study aims to validate the Zarit Burden Interview as an instrument to measure the level of burden experienced by caregivers of patients with dementia (PWD) in ...


Form A: to be completed by the caregiver ZARIT BURDEN INTERVIEW Indicate how often you experience the feelings listed by circling the number in the box that best corresponds to the frequency of these feelings.


These findings confirm findings of recent meta-analyses that the pooled effect of interventions evaluated by the Zarit Burden Interview was near to zero (16).

Richmond, VA 23298; e-mail: Needs and ...

Forty-three caregivers (21 parents, 12 spouses, and 10 others) completed the Multiple Sclerosis Needs Assessment tool, Patient Health Questionnaire, Zarit Burden Interview, Satisfaction with Life Scale, and Interpersonal Support Evaluation List– Short Version.

Burden on Family Members

200 Effect of Group and Individual Interventions Nursing Research May/June 2002 Vol 51, No 3 Among them, Zarit's Burden Interview (ZBI) is the most often cited and employed by researchers (Vitaliano, Young, & Russo, 1991).

Brief Symptom Inventory

Brief Symptom Inventory Keywords: Psychological status and distress Background: The Brief Symptom Inventory is a 53-item self-report symptom inventory designed to reflect the psychological symptom patterns of psychiatric and medical patients and non-patients.

Il carico soggettivo dei caregivers di anziani affetti da ...

Diversamente gli strumenti di misura del burden che permettono di otte-nere esclusivamente un unico punteggio totale costituiscono delle misure unidimensionali del costrutto; quelle più comunemente usate sono la Relatives' Stress Scale (RSS) di Green 9 e la Carer Burden Interview di zarit 10.

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