Yugoslavia, the USSR, Czechoslovakia—and Russia

CHAPTER6 Yugoslavia, the USSR, Czechoslovakia—and Russia Previous chapters have argued that an important contributor to national integration in Russia in the 1990s was the central authorities'use of fiscal transfers and tax breaks to appease many of the government's most vocal regional critics.



i Preface The National Intelligence Council is pleased to issue this collection of declassified national intelligence reports on Yugoslavia. They cover the period from Tito's break with Stalin in 1948 to 1990—the eve of Yugoslavia's collapse into secession and civil war.


consent of those States to its jurisdiction". It cannot ...

CASE CONCERNING LEGALITY OF USE OF FORCE (YUGOSLAVIA v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (PROVISIONAL MEASURES) Order of 2 June 1999 In .an Order issued in the .case concerning Legality of


The Disintegration of Yugoslavia

Western Intervention and the Disintegration of Yugoslavia, 1989-1999 Introduction In 1989, Yugoslavia was a federal state consisting of six republics, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.


Patrick Johnson andMirko Stanojevic - Yugoslavia

Outline zHistory of Yugoslavia z1850 Literary agreement zThe languages of the former Yugoslavia zOne, two, three, four languages?


What Happened to Yugoslavia? The War, The Peace and the Future

THE EUROPE you read about in the headlines of today's newspapers is not the same Europe of history textbooks. The transformation of the countries that fought so viciously against each other in the great wars of this century has been rapid and striking.


Security Council

united united s nations nations security council distr. general s/1996/776 24 september1996 original: english letter dated 24 september 1996 from the chairman of the security council committee established pursuant to resolution 724 (1991) concerning yugoslavia addressed to the president of the ...


Where was Yugoslavia?

Ethnic Groups in Yugoslavia • Look at the differences in the ethnic composition of each republic. • Note how mixed ethnically Bosnia, in particular, is.



"In Yugoslavia, it is not only that the ruling League of Communists is no longer Masxist-Leninist, but it is not even a Yugoslav party. Corresponding to the federal divisions of the country, the League of Communists dissolved itself into six 'republican' parties which most often cannot even ...


Yugoslavia: New War, Old Hatreds

YUGOSLAVIA: NEW WAR, OLD HATREDS by Dusko Doder The collapse of the Cold War was a joyful event on both sides of the political divide. To the


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