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She posts the outline on YouTube, with access limited to the class. Her professor reviews the outline and provides feedback, as do several students.

Creating and Customizing a Brand Channel

Creating and Customizing a Brand Channel Revised: September 22, 2010 Overview Special features for brand channels Setting up a YouTube brand channel account Channel page layout Brand channel examples Customizing your brand channel Setting your profile icon Designing your channel Setting basic ...

"How to YouTube"

"How to YouTube" Strategies for using YouTube for advocacy, outreach, and communication Your YouTube channel is a critical way to connect with and mobilize supporters for your organization.

YouTube Promoted Video Connect your videos to your target ...

YouTube at a glance •* # 1 entertainment site on the Internet, and #4 largest Internet destination •*Unique monthly visitors: 90 million •* Average monthly time spent on site per user: 54 minutes •*Monthly pageviews: 5.3 billion * Did you know?

An Assessment of Faculty Usage of YouTube as a Teaching Resource

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Places to Go: YouTube

Places to Go: YouTube by Stephen Downes According to the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 , broadcasters across the United States must complete their switch from analog to digital video in 2009, rendering millions of television sets obsolete.

Designing and Running a Contest

Designing and Running a Contest Revised: September 22, 2010 Overview About this document Creating a YouTube contest Contest phases Phase I - Announcement and submission Phase II - Viewing Phase III - Voting Phase IV - Results Sample media execution Understanding the contest module Submitting a ...

Using YouTube Videos in Education

Using YouTube Videos in Education Andy Mann Page 1 [email protected] 1. A wide range of videos with educational value are available on YouTube.

Commenting on Comments: Investigating Responses to Antagonism ...

Lange SfAA 2007 8 Yes, it is a Problem for YouTube Several interviewees cited hating as a major problem for YouTube and for themselves. While some YouTube participants and observers suggested that maturity plays a role in prompting hating behaviors, ...

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Search Create Account or Sign In Subscriptions History Upload Home Videos Channels Shows About YouTube ● Company Blog ● Business Blog ● Company History ● Press Room ● Jobs ● YouTube Store Discover ● YouTube on Your Phone ● YouTube on Your TV ● YouTube on Your Site ● YouTube ...

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