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Case Report Down syndrome child with 48,XXY,+21 karyotype

The phenotypic characteristics of this child have been discussed in the light of the published reports on double aneuploidies of XXY and trisomy 21. ... Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras, Taramani, *Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Madras Medical College, Government Hospital for Women ...


Transition From Adolescence to Early Adulthood: Adaptation ...

• Clinical Implications • REFERENCES Graphics • Table 1 • Table 2 ABSTRACT^ Objective: To investigate the adolescent and early adult adaptation of a group of 47,XXX women as compared with



individuals evolved in which 47,XXY men were characterized as mentally retarded and homosexual, 47,XXX women as infertile and psychotic, and 47,XYY


What is Triple X?

Women with Triple Xwhowishtohave children and who have any concerns about this should consult agenetic counsellor before startingafamily. Girls and women with Triple Xhavenoincreased risk of any diseases during childhood or in adult life.


Psychopathology in Klinefelter's Syndrome

The findings of chromosomal intersexuality (XXY) in many patients, the endocrine abnormalities, and the frequency of gynecomastia, have made ... This man had never had relations with women, although he had often had the desire.


Cross-Dressing or Crossing-Over: Sex Testing of Women Athletes

•Santhi Soundararajan's test was done soon after Soundararajan came in second in the women's 800m race on 9 December, but it is not clear how she failed ... are the results: 10 From these results, the athlete is: A: Male B: Female CSoif Santhiis a normal female, her karyotype would be: A: XX 11 B: XY C: YY D: XXY SEX ...


Double Aneuploidy: 48,XXY,+18 in a Bedouin Boy

48,XXY,+18 patient. birth, having a newborn frequency of 1/8,000 [2]. Trisomy 18 and most other trisomies ... condensation in the oocytes of old women [16]. Parental consanguinity may also in


Klinefelter's Syndrome

... Actor Jamie Lee Curtis has AIS - Klinefelter's Syndrome - this condition typically affects males and involves the body having three chromosomes (XXY). ... suffer distress and impairment from societal intolerance, discrimination, violence, shame, and denial of personal freedoms that ordinary men and women ...


Review - Rapid and simple prenatal diagnosis of common ...

to apply the tests as ‘stand-alone’ tests for women who are at relatively low risk of having ... malities (associated with the XXY-Klinefelter, XYY, XXX and X-Turner syndromes).


Intersexuality and the Categories of Sex

... that do not develop in the more typical way, an XO chromosomal pattern, and Klinefelter's syndrome, in which individuals possess an XXY pattern. ... Because, in this culture, certain individuals with what are called male bodies want to act and dress as so-called women do, and certain individuals with what ...


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