X Y Coordinate Graph Paper

What's Your Coordinate??

Give each student one piece of graph paper and two different colored pencils. • Have students first use a pencil to draw the x and y-axes of the coordinate plane, using the ENTIRE sheet of paper.


Lesson 7 - Coordinate Graphs (required)

... of these concepts may be difficult for third graders, it is helpful if each student draws the quadrants and x and y-axes on their own graph paper as ... Skills and Objectives Students will be able to: • Learn the parts of a coordinate graph, including x- and y-axes, ordered pairs, and origin ...



The first number of the ordered pair is called the x -coordinate, and the second number is called the y -coordinate. ... For your convenience, a page of graph paper can be found at the end of this chapter. ... To check the result in Exam-ple6, graph y * (2*3) x *2: Since the calculator graph appears ...


Creating Constellations on a Coordinate Plane

Materials Needed: APH Graphical aid for Mathematics for each visually impaired student [Graph paper and pencils for sighted students] List of coordinate points only for each ... Going counterclockwise, Quadrant II is upper left with negative x values and positive y values Quadrant III is lower left with both ...


For teacher - graph paper transparency & an additional clear

Students should draw the coordinate plane on their graph paper and label the x and y axes. Student draw the same figure that the teacher drew on their graph paper.


Graphing Equations and Inequalities: The Coordinate Plane

... table of ordered pairs by substituting values for x in a linear equation to find values for y The student will plot in the coordinate plane ordered pairs ( x, y ) from a ... • Have students use a line of glue or piece of string to mark the x and y axis on the graph paper.


Transforming Snoopy using Coordinates Alg 4.0b

... TI-73 Graphing Calculator, Computers with Geometer's Sketchpad, graph paper • Presenter (or ... Some students could easily visualize what happened to the coordinate points when you reflected over the x-axis or the y-axis. For students having trouble we had them turn their paper over and trace, and then ...


Coordinate Systems

The coordinates are distances that we move, parallel to the x, y, and z axes, to get from the origin to the point of interest. In this system the coordinate axes are straight, perpendicular lines. The simplest cartesian coordinate system is displayed on a sheet of graph paper, in which points are labelled ...


AIM: How do we find the points in the coordinate plane which ...

Determine the intersection of loci in the coordinate plane by sketching on graph paper the given conditions. VOCABULARY : No new terms DO NOW: Write in one or two paragraph, what you remember about locus.


Coordinate Pairs and Graphing

Students graph the results on a coordinate plane. MATERIALS • Transparency/Page: Dinograph Paper • Transparencies/Pages: Graphs 1-6 • Transparencies/Pages ... The dinosaur needs to move to the output point—the y -value of the ordered pair. y x Dinograph Paper Transparency: Dinograph Paper


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